The Most Reliable Office & Home Delivery Companies in Kenya


Today, you can enjoy almost everything in the comfort of your home. With increased delivery services in Kenya, you cannot limit what you can order. All you do is call and place an order of what you want and give a destination. Numerous office and home delivery service companies ensure your items get to you intact.

Both brick-and-mortar and online stores have taken advantage of the development in Kenya. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are encouraged to Stay at Home and keep social distancing. This means you can only leave when you are getting essentials or going somewhere unavoidable. Here are home delivery services near you that you can use.

Office & Home Delivery Companies

Name of the Company Logistics Reach
Fargo Courier Local and International
G4S Kenya Local and International
UPS Kenya Local and International
Glovo Kenya Local and International
Timeless Courier Services Limited   Local
DHL Kenya Local and International
Tez Logistics Local and International
Petty Errands Local
Express Messenger Limited Local
Speedball Courier Local and International
List of delivery service companies

1. Fargo Courier

Fargo Courier has operated in Kenya for over a decade delivering important services. Their offices are located in most major towns in the country, with over 100 branches to choose from. The headquarters are in Nairobi.

The company has employed more than 700 people to guarantee customers the best service delivery. Depending on your needs, you can benefit from several services that the company majors in. Services delivered are Archiving, Logistics & Warehousing, Shopping, and Movers.

2. G4S

G4S is one of the most popular and reliable office delivery service companies in Kenya, with a wide branch of networks. The company is renowned for its courier services and security but offers several other services. G4S prides itself on the timely delivery of all parcels and packages.

Courier services range from One-hour delivery of urgent packages, Same-day delivery, Dedicated messengers, Overnight courier, Courier pharma, warehousing, and mailroom attendance. Anyone seeking to send parcels to another country can also benefit from its cross-border services.

3. UPS Kenya

United Parcel Services (UPS) is part of the larger UPS global that has been in existence for many years. The company has branches in over 200 countries creating a large network for better service delivery. It offers customers a wide range of services, the main one being shipping parcels across the country and internationally.

It serves individuals and businesses in need of parcel delivery in-country or cross-border. Using the integrated UPS technology, you can track your parcel with your smartphone once it’s sent until it reaches its destination.

4. Glovo Kenya

Thanks to a rigorous marketing campaign, Glovo Kenya is known by many people in urban centers in the country. It majors in food delivery services, but it is not limited. All you have to do is place an order of food or drinks at your favorite restaurant and request delivery via Glovo.

Customers must download the Glovo app on their mobile devices and use it to place an order. All restaurants using this service are listed on the app and their full menus. The service is not only reliable but affordable as well.

5. Timeless Courier Services Limited

With a great story of starting as a small delivery service back in 2007, Timeless Courier Services has grown immensely. It was well known back then as Petty-errands company but expanded to include other services.

The company offers a wide range of services, including reliable office and home delivery of parcels. Its motorbike or bodaboda couriers ensure they locate you and deliver the parcel on time.

6. DHL Kenya

Perhaps the most widely used global delivery, DHL, is a name recognized by many. It has its offices in Kenya with branches spread in all major towns in the country. Though it specializes in international shipping, parcel delivery across the country is one of its services.

Urgent parcels and packages get to benefit from same-day delivery. You can indicate if the parcel will be delivered to your home or office.

7. Tez Logistics

Tex logistics has been operating in Kenya since 2007, offering excellent service delivery to customers. It’s an intra-city courier service offering its clients messenger services, parcel delivery, and collection, among others. That means its business operation is across Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, and other major towns.

Anyone who wants a parcel delivered to their home or office should request and provide their location. With the catchy slogan ‘Save Time-Send Tez,’ you can expect only the best from them as they handle all parcels with utmost care. This makes it easier for all customers who don’t want to pick up items at their offices.

8. Petty Errands

With years of experience under its belt, you can only expect the best services from Petty Errands. It opened its doors back in 1995 and was the only business of its kind for a long time in Kenya. Since then, it has grown immensely, boasting numerous individual and corporate clients.

Riders get to weave throughout the city daily. Contact Petty Errands if you wish to deliver flowers to your loved one or any other parcel or mail. Any business in need of office or home delivery services can request a dedicated motorbike rider for a day or a specific period.

9. Express Messenger Limited Kenya

With more people requesting home delivery services, businesses have increased in recent years. Express Messenger is one of the most reliable companies that many Kenyans trust. You can benefit from legal courier services, bulk parcels, package delivery, medical courier services, and business logistics solutions.

If you have a business that operates from home, you understand how important it is to have such a company. All items are delivered to the comfort of your home on time and in perfect condition. Customers in Nairobi and surrounding areas can enjoy Same-Day delivery.

10. Speedball Courier Services Kenya

Speedball Courier Services offers a wide range to choose from for all its individual and corporate clients. Since its inception in 2016, it’s grown in leaps and bounds to deliver top services to its clients.

It is in numerous counties nationwide for fast and reliable courier services. Same-Day Delivery is possible for all urgent packages and parcels. International transportation of packages and parcels is possible with an automatic distribution system dedicated to this.

Office & home delivery services are on-demand, with many people turning to this other than heading to the parcel delivery company. All you need is to use a service that offers reliable services. The future is bright for this industry, and there is room for many more companies to join.

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