Newspaper Review 6th, February 2024


1. Daily Nation 

First, Passports, Now IDs 

Daily Nation 06022024

Thousands of Kenyans face significant challenges in obtaining new identity cards or replacing lost ones. While logistical glitches contributed to the backlog in the past, a court order halting the issuance of third-generation cards has further exacerbated the situation. More than half a million post-secondary school students seeking state loans to pursue college education, job seekers, and patients seeking passports for medical treatment abroad are among those caught up in this bureaucratic mess.

2. The Standard 

The Standard 06022024

Outrage Over The Embakasi Gas Explosion Tragedy

Embakasi residents are experiencing fear and concern over the possibility of another gas blast in their area. Despite assurances from the police that the area is safe, residents report sightings of gas tankers at the site of the previous explosion. What is worse, there are discussions among residents regarding the presence of gas odours, indicating possible leakages.

3. Taifa Leo 

Taifa Leo 06022024

The Circus Facing Kenyans Seeking IDs

It will now take you more than three months to get a national identity card. The same delays apply to all other legal documents obtained from government offices. The long waiting period is costly to Kenyans seeking to further their education post-high school, treatment abroad, or applying for jobs.

4. People Daily 

People Daily 06022024

Gathungu In Trouble Over Exceeding Budget Constraints

A petitioner is seeking for Members of Parliament (MPs) to take action against Gathungu, alleging that her office has been responsible for the mismanagement of public funds, especially those spent outside the budget.

5. The Star 

The Star 06022024

Civil Servants Using Fake Certificates to Secure Top Job Positions

An EACC investigation has confirmed instances of incompetence among state staff due to the use of fake certificates. According to PSC reports, there have been 744 cases where civil servants secured top job positions using fraudulent credentials. Government entities implicated in these cases include the Teachers Service Commission, Kenya National Commission for UNESCO, Rural Electrification Authority, Garissa County, and Parliament.

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