Newspaper Review 1st, February 2024


1. Daily Nation 

Daily Nation 01022024

The Conundrum that is The Housing Levy

After the courts ruled the housing levy unconstitutional, opposition leader Raila Odinga urged for united talks about the project. Meanwhile, Kuppet Secretary General Akello Misori demands TCS to repay teachers for the unlawfully deducted levy or face a lawsuit. Speaker of the National Assembly Moses Wetangula has filed a case at the Supreme Court to reverse the ruling. Mbeere MP Geoffrey Ruku labels contractors leaving the project as opposition allies, risking exclusion from state jobs.

2. The Standard 

The Standard 01022024

The Opposition’s Call For Dialogue Dead on Arrival

The prospect of talks between President Ruto and Opposition Leader Raila Odinga might not materialise after all, following the High Court’s order for the immediate appointment of electoral commissioners. The court underscores the importance of adhering to the constitution, stating that the talks lack legal backing.

3. Taifa Leo 

Taifa Leo 01022024

Mckenzie’s Church Legally Termed A Criminal Entity

Under section (22)1 of the constitution, the Ministry of Interior and National Administration declared “Good News International,” led by Paul Mckenzie, a criminal enterprise. The announcement, gazetted yesterday, formally designates the church as unlawful. Professor Kithure Kindiki, the Minister for Internal Security, issued the declaration to combat similar criminal cases under the law.

4. People Daily 

People Daily 01022024

Ruto’s Worst Nightmare

The Kenya Kwanza government laid its foundation on schemes aimed at exploiting hard-earned money from Kenyans. However, they have encountered resistance from prominent figures – Senator Omtatah, Professor Ghai, Ekuru Aukot, Julius Ogogo, LSK Chief Theuri, and Magere Gikenyi. These individuals bravely oppose the government’s oppressive strategies, putting their careers and lives at risk in their pursuit to safeguard the interests of the common citizen.

5. The Star 

The Star 01022024

Brace Yourself For Teargas Season

As the opposition gears up for a series of rallies nationwide, these gatherings often encounter heavy police presence, leading to the use of tear gas and instances of stone-throwing. With growing discontent among Kenyans towards the government, the intensity of these gatherings has the potential to disrupt any semblance of peace, fueled by a sense of desperation among the populace who feel they have nothing to lose.

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