The Best 10 Online Computer Shops in Kenya


The internet has played a significant role in revolutionizing the way people shop. Many people currently prefer making online purchases through online shopping malls. Stats indicate that online computer shops in Kenya are gathering massive traction from customers.

A big thanks to the high rate of affordable browsing and internet usage.

We live in exciting times, the digital era, where you don’t have to move to the local market or store to make purchases. All you need is a smartphone and internet to visit any of the best online computer shops in Kenya. And everything will be delivered right at your doorstep.

List of the Best Computer Shops in Kenya

Name of the Computer ShopContact InformationLocation
Arctic Computer ShopMobile 1: 072267947
Mobile 2: 0736267947
2nd Floor, Kenwood House, Kimathi Street. Nairobi
Bright TechnologiesRetail: 0710623400 or 0202241229  
Corporate: 0710 623400 0202210174
Retail: Old Mutual Building, Ground Floor, Kimathi Street Nairobi Corporate: Barclays Plaza, 15th floor, Loita Street Nairobi
Sarova Stanley Hotel, Standard Street, Nairobi CBD
Goodeal Computers0720529915
Mwembe Tayari, Rahaleo Street, Opposite Coast safari Hotel, Mombasa
Dove Computers0726032320
Revlon Professional Plaza, Biashara street/Tubman road, Nairobi 1st floor, Suite 2E
Stewan Computer Garage0722666420, 0722453600 or 0722924632
Popman House, Eastleigh Northriver road, Nairobi
Hardcopy Technologies0727450601 or 092686989
Tembo Co-op House, Moi Avenue, 3rd Floor, Suite 2, Nairobi
Elite Digital Solutions0203753500-06 or 0733737956 Email: Peponi Plaza, Peponi road, Westlands, Nairobi
Spaceman Solutions Limited0721416912
Al Amin Plaza, Mohdhar Mohd Road off Moi Avenue, Mombasa
Muhimu Computer Systems0731409727, 0722129808 or 0722842589
Mithoo House Opp. Khoja Mosque, Ground floor, Moi Avenue, Nairobi
Top Computer Stores in Kenya

1. Arctic Computer Shop

If you want a place where you can meet the best bargain on laptops, desktop computers, and other related accessories, then the Arctic is your best pick.

Arctic online computer shop is dedicated to selling affordable computers to all. They ensure that clients receive 100% support on every purchased computer.

They always get in touch with new developments in the computer industry as well as updating both new and existing clients on the current technological trends.

2. Bright Technologies

The bright online shop was launched in 2006 in Nairobi Old Mutual Building. Since then, their goal has been to provide world-class ICT business solutions that include original hardware, software, and other computer accessories that fit your budget and needs.

You can find any computer accessories in Kenya at Bright Technologies physical store or make an order online any time you want to make an order. With both avenues, they provide a team of expert personnel that waits to assist you in getting your desired product.

Furthermore, making payments to Bright Technologies is secure, and their platform supports a wide range of payment options such as Airtel Money, PayPal, M-Pesa, visa card, and credit card.

3. Shopit

Are you aware that Dakika online shop rebranded its name to Shopit? Perhaps you weren’t aware. This is one of the newest computer shops in Kenya that sells computers, electronics, tablets, and mobile phones at a pocket-friendly price.

It’s one of the best online computer shops in Kenya that sells high-quality renowned brands.

Shopit is a famous and authorized dealer of many brands such as Acer, Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, Dell, HP, D-Link, Samsung, and many other models. They are located along the Standard Street within the Nairobi CBD.

4. Goodeal Computers

Goodeal is a retailer and a supplier of computer-related products. It’s one of the best online computer shops in Mombasa, Kenya. This is one of the trusted online shops that provide fantastic customer experience and delivery of reliable services. They aim to move an extra mile in ensuring that they meet your satisfaction.

Goodeal computers is situated along Raha Leo Street close to Mwembe Tayari. They deal with laptops, printers, desktops, and other electronics. They offer favorable prices within the CBD. Can you visit them or make an online inquiry?

5. Dove Computers

Dove computers online shop was launched in 2005 as a local company to provide products in ICT in both private and public sectors in Kenya. This online computer shop is dedicated to providing you with affordable computers and electronics.

The shop promises its clients 100% support on any purchased computers. They always get in touch with current developments within the professional computer industry. Dove boasts two shops located within Nairobi CBD. Whichever store you chose to visit, be sure to get unmatched variety of computer brands. You will be spoilt for choice!

6. Stewan Computer Garage

Stewan is among the best online shopping solution stores where you can get the latest devices. You can buy computers, laptops, tablets, all mobile phones, and other computer accessories in Kenya online.

In terms of payment options, Stewan online computer shop provides a system that suits everyone, whether you are within the CBD or away. Additionally, Stewan computers have a payment-on-delivery choice that adds extra convenience.

Also, you can take advantage of their computing products available for your computers, printers, and laptops at the market-friendly price.

7. Hardcopy Technologies

Hardcopy is an online computer shop in Kenya that’s located along Moi Avenue. It’s an IT retail store that focuses on customer satisfaction and service. It’s a fully-fledged company that deals with computer hardware supplies. They also deal with other computer networking solutions for large, medium, and small businesses.

Hardcopy team comprises of highly trained professionals with qualified hardware and software consultants, administrators, and technicians with an aggressive sales team.

8. Elite Digital Solutions

Located at Sarit center, Westlands Elite Digital Solutions is a computer shop in Kenya that features a large showroom. It deals with a wide range of computer and Apple products. This shop is famously renowned for selling high-quality computer products.

All their products are factory-boxed and genuine, fully complemented with a one-year warranty.

9. Spaceman Solutions Limited

Spaceman solutions started in 2006 as single ownership that was fully incorporated in 2013 and was awarded the best Dell Reseller Direct Programme. As one of the fastest growing online computer shops in Mombasa, Kenya, this company has grown to be known as a customer-focused.

This company deals with a range of computer designs that include Acer, Lenovo, Samsung, and HP. In 2014, it was awarded the best HP partner of choice.

10. Muhimu Computer Systems

A great place where you can get all your online computer solutions at affordable prices that won’t break your bank in search of a high-quality computer. It’s a full service and one of the online computer shops in Kenya that accommodates all types of computer needs.

This company designs a local area network for both small and large business organizations. The company listens to each customer’s needs as well as understands every clients’ business area.

Apart from selling a wide range of computers to customers, this company performs other activities such as web services and design, high-speed internet options, and warranty activities to customers.

A good computer shop in Kenya should sell their computers and accessories at a fair price. Equally, they should have a wide range of computer options from which you can select your best choice. 

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