Newspaper Review 18th, January 2024


Kenya Newspaper Review 18012024

1. Daily Nation 

Daily Nation 18012024

Nervous Anticipation For Top Officials Over Incoming Performance Review

Cabinet members and Principal Secretaries are feeling anxious as President Ruto schedules a retreat to assess their performance next month. While the head of state has not ousted anyone, he has criticized some senior officials for being clueless about their roles. The impending meeting is, understandably, making some of them uneasy.

2. Taifa Leo 

Taifa leo 18012024

Why Did They Take Her Head?

It has been four days after the brutal murder of Rita Waeni at a Roy Sambu AirBnB. Police found her dismembered body discovered in a bin on the premises. Despite strides in retracing her last steps, her head is still missing. The family also disclosed that the culprits demanded a KES.500,000 ransom. The ongoing investigation grapples with the grim discovery of body parts and the unsettling missing head.

3. The Standard 

The Standard 18012024

Rita Waeni’s Killers Make Unsettling Ransom Demands

The family of the murdered university student recounts the chilling experience of receiving text messages from her killers, who demanded a KES.500,000 ransom using her phone. The situation took a darker turn when they had to identify her dismembered body in the morgue. The harrowing ordeal escalated rapidly, leaving the family grappling with the abrupt and distressing nature of their findings.

4. People Daily 

People Daily 18012024

The State’s Funding Fiasco Leaves Schools in Financial Limbo

Headteachers are contemplating raising school fees or shutting down institutions and sending students home due to a severe cash crunch. The government disbursed only KES.4,000 per learner, falling short of the promised KES.10,000. This financial setback has left schools struggling to cover operational costs, prompting difficult decisions for educators and administrators.

5. The Star 

The Star 18012024

Remembering Rita Waeni

Rita Waeni, a vibrant fourth-year student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Technology (JKUAT), had her ambitious life tragically halted by assailants. The 20-year-old, known for her passion for marketing, was eagerly anticipating the completion of her final year as an undergraduate before her untimely and devastating end. The Waeni family mourns the loss of a promising future extinguished too soon.

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