The Top 10 Driving Schools in Kenya


There are numerous driving schools in Kenyan towns as the need for competent drivers surges.  Whether you carry passengers or parcels, road safety is always a priority. You have a mammoth role to play whenever you sit behind the wheel. A safe destination for your passengers or parcels lies on your hands. You may have also bought a personal ride from one of the best car dealers in Kenya and you need the skills.

For you to be well equipped, you need to attend the best driving school. The facility walks with you from the first step to see you through becoming a certified driver. But here comes the dilemma with the alarming institutions mushrooming every corner of our towns. Which is the best driving school to enroll? 

The Best Driving Schools in Kenya

Driving school Fees amount (Estimate) Branches (some branches)
Seniors Inquire from the school Ruiru
Rocky 9,400 Bururburu    
Ngong Road
Pettans  13,000 Mathare         
Heltz 9,200 Utawala
Automobile Association of Kenya 15,400 Eldoret
Nairobi CBD
Sony Inquire from the school Nairobi CBD
Glory 12,000 Nairobi CBD  
South B
Top Gear 18,000 Ongata Rongai
Premier 10,500 Kimbo            
Githurai 45
Wings 12,000 Parklands      
List of NTSA Certified Driving Schools in Kenya

1. Seniors Driving School

Seniors Driving School is one of the most reputable institutions in the public domain. Its reviews prove the consistency of alumni and the students on board. You can easily access the school, especially in Nairobi, where its branches are well-spread.

The schools guarantee the best service from experienced instructors in the field. Most of the graduates from Seniors are esteemed drivers in various organizations across the country. The school doesn’t disclose service charges to the public, but you can reach them on +254 729 461 713.

2. Rocky Driving School

Rocky is one of the NTSA-approved driving schools established in the 80s. The institution offers driving courses in different categories. The opportunities are open if you want to be a competent motorcycle rider or a truck driver.

As one of the leading driving schools in Kenya, the school also trains people with disabilities at a subsidized fee. If you are searching for the best driving school in Eldoret, Rocky driving school should be your number one priority.

3. Pettans Driving School

Pettans is a top driving school with more than 70 branches across the country. From Nairobi CBD to the furthest corner of the village, you can access your studies. It is one of the driving schools with a faultless corporate social responsibility record in the country.

If you want to be a guru in plant and trailer operations, Pettans is the ideal place for you. All through your 30 lessons, guidance and support are offered to the maximum by kind instructors.

4. Heltz Driving Schools

Heltz is one of the cheapest driving schools to enroll in for your driving course. Despite its low cost, the school does not compromise its value to the customers. You can rely on the school to be one of the competent drivers on any road.

In 2004, the institution was crowned with the National Road Safety Award due to its commitment to producing highly trained individuals. Heltz guarantees that your money won’t go to waste when you register.

5. Automobile Association of Kenya Driving School

AA driving school is the oldest institution in the country. You can get your Learner Driver Course or Refresher Driver Course from reputable AA driving school branches across the country.

The school offers Learner Driver Course in four categories. Namely, Motor Cycle, Light Vehicle, Heavy Vehicle, and PSV. With your KSH. 4,500 to KSH.19,900, you can access your favorite driving course. Visit AA driving school Nairobi headquarters for more inquiries.

6. Sony Driving School

Sony never disappoints when it comes to affordability. The renowned brand equips you with all road safety rules and guidelines through driving courses. By this, you become a responsible driver for your safety, that of your passengers, and other people on the road.

The approved NTSA driving school uses licensed vehicles to train you for your security. The vehicles are also well-serviced and in good condition, making learning smooth and easy.

7. Glory Driving School

As the name suggests, the school furnishes you with glorious driving skills. Most of Glory’s alumni are doing pretty well in the marketplace. This is because the driving school produces skilled drivers with different specialties.

They teach all you need to be proficient in the 15-lesson full driving course. From the basic road signs to the demanding handling of the steering wheel and the brakes.

8. Top Gear Driving School

Top Gear is where you get to know how to gear your vehicle with confidence because you come out fully equipped. Graduates from the school are competent drivers on the highways and byways.

The school is also renowned for its support when it comes to PSV applications. They help you get NTSA clearance which allows you to spin with confidence. Visit any of their branches for your driving course.

9. Premier Driving School

This is one of the cheapest driving schools which does not compromise on skills. They charge Ksh 6,000 for Motorcycle and Ksh 15,000 for trailer classes. Where else can you get such cheap charges for your driving course?

According to the reviews of the school, many clients are happy and encourage the trainers to keep on. Premier is growing to be the giant in the world of driving through its trusted training.

10. Wings Driving School

The driving school is well-known for helping its students to book NTSA and acquire a driving license.  You get kind and supportive trainers at Wings driving school from the start of the course to the end.

The school offers a credible driving course to all the students. The sizeable number of alumni who have gone through their hands can attest to their good training.

An adept driver is always at peace when driving a car. Confidence stirs them up even when the road is rough. Sign up for your driving course in a reputable driving school. You should also consider NTSA accreditation before the driving curse application.

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