Newspaper Review 11th, March 2024


1. Daily Nation

The Silent Epidemic in Secondary Schools

Secondary schools are turning into a breeding ground for sexual predators in the absence of accountability or repercussions. Students suffer in silence while sexual predators, which include other learners and teachers, roam freely without facing any consequences. Regrettably, complaints often go unheeded, even from parents, leaving victims to bear the brunt of the ordeal alone.

2. The Standard 

The Standard 11032024

Ministry of Health in Shambles

Doctors threaten to go on strike if the ministry continues to ignore their needs. The healthcare practitioners raise valid concerns, including the issue of posting interns who make up 30% of the workforce. Despite calls for dialogue, the Ministry of Health continues to ignore their plight, leading to a stalemate as both sides remain adamant in their positions. As the unrest worsens, patients are the ones who suffer the consequences of these disagreements.

3. Taifa Leo 

Taifa Leo 11032024

A Cold War Brewing in The ODM Camp

New divisions arise in ODM as the party seeks a leader to replace Raila Odinga. A section of the members’ political party wants former Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Njoho to take the mantle, while another faction thinks Oparanya is the best candidate for the job. The difference in opinions could drive a wedge between party members, threatening its existence long-term.

4. People Daily 

People Daily 11032024

Private Universities Students Get Loan Access

Previous amendments to the student loan access regulations had shut off private university students from accessing funding. A reversal of the previous law now allows students to choose a university of their choice without worrying about access to student loans.

5. The Star 

The Star 11032024

Ketraco Breach of Contract to Cost KES. 9 Billion

Ketraco owes a Spanish power contractor KES. 9 billion after a breached contract. The power company sought to block the payment by appealing to the High Court and Supreme Court. However, its desperate attempt failed, and the huge amount owed could sink the once-industry giant.

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