The Top 10 Best Free Music Download Sites


In the words of Bob Marley, one good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. Music is therapeutic and can perform wonders to your moods and health. If you are sad, listening to good music has the effect of cheering you up. But which music download sites are legit?

There is something unique about music-its ability to evoke special memories giving you a nostalgic feeling. Today, forget about buying music cassettes and DVDs. With a phone or laptop and reliable internet, you can download your favorite music at no cost.  

You will be surprised by the numerous legal and free music download sites available. To ensure you get the best, check this out.

List of the Top Free Music Download Websites

1. Jamendo Music

Looking for a place to download trending and latest music? Jamendo is one of the best sites to download free music, and it never disappoints. You have a chance to discover and explore 600,000 plus free songs from 400,000 plus independent artists from all over the world. All the artists on this platform are comfortable when you download their music for personal enjoyment. 

Thanks to the creative Commons Licenses that give you that right. You download music based on your favorite genre. Unfortunately, songs found here are from independent artists. There are songs from certain artists that you might not get on this platform. Hence, you will be required to visit platforms such as YouTube music or Apple music. The downside of this is that, downloads are in MP 3 and no other formats. Again, the free downloads aren’t HD quality.

2. Tubidy

This is the best platform to download your favorite music from mainstream artists. You just log in to the site and enter the title of the song you want to download. The song will pop up in a matter of seconds. The good thing about this platform is that you can choose to download audio or video format of the song in either MP 3 or MP 4.

You get all of these free of charge. The site has user-friendly, but there is something annoying we realized about the website. Many ads keep popping, distracting you from easy navigation through the site. Again the video quality of songs downloaded from the Tubity may not live up to your expectations.

3. Mdundo Music

Mdundo Music presents you with a platform to download and enjoy free African music. You are sure of downloading music from any popular African artists. However, you can still get music from other artists outside Africa.

The process of downloading music is easy and straightforward. You can easily spot the download button next to the song you seek to download.

The only thing we found completely off with the platform is that every song you download from this platform begins with an advertisement from Mdundo. But everything about the platform is super awesome.

4. YouTube

YouTube allows you to watch music videos in different qualities . This has become a popular platform where musicians choose to upload their music. Choosing this platform ensures the musician gets benefits based on viewership. You can as well watch and subscribe to channels from the top comedy shows in Kenya.

You can download the music to watch when online. The downside of this feature is that it is a challenge to download some songs. This is because of policies that govern YouTube. To bypass this challenge you can copy paste the link of the song to specific sites that allow you to download YouTube videos. Such sites include and Internet Download Manager (IDM). It is that easy to download free music from Youtube

5. SoundClick

This is the ultimate platform to download free music directly from the artists’ website. Some artists may decided to let you download their music for free. This includes signed and unsigned musicians. Unfortunately, not all music is free. Some artists may make the music available to you after meeting some charges.

This should not send you away from this site. Browse through the music charts and genres and find free music to download. The downside of the app is that you do not find a single page that contains all free music. You have to browse to find free music.

6. Musopen

Musopen has songs that are entirely legal and free. The process of finding the music to download is easy and straight forward. Thanks to the user-friendly interface adopted by this site. You can listen to music online or download it to enjoy when offline.

It is possible to preview the music before you download without opening an account. However, for you to download the music you want, you must create an account. What we never liked about the site is that you can only download five songs per day.

7. ReverbNation

You can stream all songs on this platform. However, not all songs are downloadable. This is a good site when looking for songs from artists you don’t know much about. You will appreciate the talent portrayed by these artists.

Several now renowned artists launched their careers on this platform. For example, Imagine Dragons and The Civil Wars. Downloadable songs have a download button next to them. This makes your work easier when navigating, looking for a song to download.

8. Internet Archive

This platform has millions of music ready for you to download. It is easy to sort the free music downloads by most viewed items, title, date published, and creator. Be sure to find songs on multiple file formats.

The good thing about this site is that you don’t have to create an account to download free music. The downside is that it is not user friendly. It is sometimes confusing to navigate through the site.

9. Last.FM

Last.FM is a popular site that offers great music collection. Once you open the site, you might think you only stream songs without downloading them. But this is not true.

There is a section where you have free music to download. This section has plenty of genres to ensure you are fully sorted. You have the option of listening to the music before pressing the download button.


You can find a lot of songs on The site is user-friendly, and hence it is easy for you to navigate. The downside of this site is that it does not show the track quality. But that should not bother you since you have the option of the preview to be sure of what you are downloading.

The reason we stress that you download music from these music download sites is because of copyright issues. It is good to appreciate the talent of every artist. We hope these sites will go a long way in helping you to get the right music that works for you.

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