The Best Banks in Kenya


Kenyan banks are controlled by the Central Bank of Kenya for the purpose of stability in prices through establishing a monetary policy. As more players continue enrolling in the banking sector, new evolution in the industry emerge.

When you think of opening an account, saving or borrowing, the idea of the efficient bank crosses the mind. No one wants to do business with an unreliable financial institution. Before choosing the best bank to work with, consider factors such as accessibility, banking systems used and the customer services offered. Does the bank offer online, mobile and USSD money transfers?

The Best Banks in Kenya for Loans & Savings

BankProducts (Some)Paybill NumberAsset worth by 2018
Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) Loans
522522714.31 billion
Equity BankLoans & savings
Retail banking
247247573.38 billion
Cooperative BankDebit cards
Checking account
400200413.41 billion
I&M BankInsurance products
Asset finance
Custody & investment
542542230.29 billion
National Bank of Kenya (NBK)Debit and credit cards
Loans & Savings
625625113.34 billion
Standard Chartered BankTransaction accounts
Credit cards
329329285.40 billion
Diamond Trust Bank of KenyaInsurance
Saving & deposit accounts
Asset finance
516600377.72 billion
ABSA (formerly Barclays)Loans
303030324.84 billion
Stanbic BankPrivate banking
Asset management
Credit cards
600100290.57 billion
NCBATransaction accounts
Debit and credit cards
880100487 billion
List of the Top Commercial Banks in Kenya

1. Kenya Commercial Bank

It is one of the youngest banks in Kenya yet owns the largest banking network in the country. In the Cytonn Investment Financial Year 2019 Banking Sector Report, KCB Group was listed as the most attractive bank in Kenya.

The KCB mobile app is a digital, easy to use and convenient application. You can install the app and use it 24/7 The app allows customers’ access to the account, save money, withdraw cash and even borrow.  The customers can also track credit and prepaid cards through the app.

2. Equity Bank

This financial institution is licensed commercial bank by CBK. It is one of the biggest banks in Kenya. The bank has an immense network of 173 branches in Kenya. In 2019, Equity Bank won the Think Business Award. Recently, the bank did its rebranding. They changed their logo and focused in other industries as well. Now we have Equity Group Holdings.

Equity bank is renowned for the launching of Equitel and Eazzy Banking App. Customers can now access the transaction accounts, credit & debit cards, loans and savings easily. Shopping has also been made simple through the use of Equity Visa Card.

3. Cooperative Bank

Cooperative Bank is one of the best banks to open a business account with. Through the MCO-OP Cash, you can carry out a variety of transactions using the phone. Not only is loan application through the app trouble-free but also sending money to other mobile services and paying bills is also simple.

The bank gives a business person a reason to smile through their small business facilities. They have several banking and ATMs across the country.

4. I & M Bank

It is one of the banks that execute personal banking sufficiently. Through the Insurance Premium Financing (IPF) facility, a customer can access general or life insurance even though not an I&M bank account holder.

The bank allows investment through wealth management portfolio. No one under the sun would not want to have bread and butter in their golden age through investment. I&M young savers account, nurtures saving habit among children.

5. National Bank of Kenya

National Bank of Kenya is government-owned and also one of the largest banks in Kenya. The financial institution offers loans, savings, and checking accounts. you can also get debit and credit cards, individual, SMEs and corporate investment plans.

The bank has both mobile and internet banking platforms. You can also use USSD code *625# to access your bank account.

6. Standard Chartered Bank

It is the oldest bank in Kenya; established in 1911. In the 2019 Think Business Award, the bank was awarded as one of the banks with the lowest charge for individuals. This makes it efficient for loans to people who want to venture into business and self-employment.

Employee banking is a convenient employer-employee service provided by Standard Charted. The employer is allowed to process the employees’ salaries through Straight2bank secured platform.

7. Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) of Kenya

DTB Kenya came into existence in 1945 and has grown rapidly especially in East Africa. The bank has the best asset quality in the banking sector. The DTB 24/7 app is an easier way to access the bank online.

 It has been in the fore-front for the growth of East Africa’s economy through facilitating more people to come under financial inclusion. This has been achieved through serving individual consumers, middle-sized, small businesses and large corporations. DTB Kenya offers full range of banking, investment, and asset management plans.


It was formerly known as Barclays Bank of Kenya. The bank has operated in Kenya for over 100 years. The financial institution fully changed to ABSA in February 2020. The bank facilitates internet banking where access to your accounts at the comfort of your home.

Their online loan service, Timiza, has gained popularity over the years. During COVID-19 pandemic, ABSA has restructured loan payments by reducing monthly installments over a period of up to one year. This is good news to all the customers.

9. Stanbic Bank

Stanbic bank which is a subsidiary of Standard Bank-South Africa. It is one of best banks in Kenya in trade financing. The bank uses modern technology to provide services to the customers. Commercial, retail and private banking, asset management, credit cards, and mortgages are some of the services that Stanbic offers.

10. NCBA

The merger between NIC and CBA to form NCBA caught many by surprise. It is the best asset finance bank in Kenya. NCBA has a digital platform called Loop for simple banking at hand. Through the app, you can check account balance, conduct real time transfer to any bank in Kenya, pay utility bills and generate mini statements. NCBA has a personal budget planner which helps to manage money effectively through income and expense.

Apparently, banking is chief to everyone in the society. You can have more than one bank accounts with different banks. A bank is a safe place to save, borrow, invest, get insurance and many more for every Kenyan. Enjoy banking at your comfort using the digital methods during this period.

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