Newspaper Review 26th, January 2024


Kenya Newspaper Review 26012024

1. Daily Nation 

Daily Nation 26012024

Twists and Turns in The Ruling Party’s Political Saga

Kenya Kwanza is in the midst of a riveting political drama involving the Deputy President and bold political challengers. The current rift pits Rigathi Gachagua against Ndindi Nyoro, Kiharu MP. Speculation swirls about the hidden motives behind this brazen move. As usual, President Ruto has emerged as the saviour in his attempt to quell the escalating tensions.

2. The Standard 

The Standard 26012024

Challenges in Junior Secondary School Implementation

A recent survey has shed light on the concerning state of Junior Secondary School implementation. Kuppet’s secretary-general pointed out the abundance of underutilised resources in secondary schools, juxtaposed with the struggles faced by primary schools. Part of the issue stems from untrained teachers and inadequate infrastructure utilisation.

3. Taifa Leo 

Taifa Leo 26012024

Evil Hits A New Low Level in the Shaka-horror Ordeal

Mackenzie stands accused of coercing children aged 6 to 17 into fasting through a gruesome bet, resulting in their tragic deaths. Testimonies and evidence in children’s court detail how the preacher and his associates, notorious for numerous fatalities in the Shakahola forest, physically abused the underage victims, sealing their grim destiny with slaps and blows.

4. People Daily 

Kenya Newspaper Review 26012024

The Impact of SHIF to The Common Mwananchi

Starting in April, Kenya Kwanza’s controversial insurance scheme will mandate universal registration for every Kenyan, with rates linked to employment, age, and income. This policy increases the burden of 70% of employed Kenyans already grappling with financial strain. Its implementation amplifies the demands of a tone-deaf government with ambitions to take from desperate and poor Kenyans.

5. The Star 

The Star 26012024

Waeni’s Autopsy Results Are Out

The Chief Pathologist released Waeni’s autopsy amid much anticipation from Kenyans irked by the rising cases of femicide. The findings show evidence of bruises from the deceased skull and neck inflicted by a blunt object. The gruesome death has many wondering whether the death was a result of a ritual.

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