Newspaper Review 29th, January 2024


1. Daily Nation

Questions Arise as Financially Disadvantaged Students Miss Out on Scholarships Despite MPs Receiving KES 10 Billion for Education 

Daily Nation 29012024

Financially disadvantaged students who excelled in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exams missed out on high school opportunities due to a shortage of scholarships. The frustration deepens as MPs recently received KES 10 billion for the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) intended to support bright students needing educational bursaries. This disparity has raised concerns about the criteria used by MPs in distributing this vital education resource.

2. Taifa Leo

Kenya Kwanza Fumbling The Ball Over Maintaining Strong Diplomatic Ties With Neighbors

In a mere year, the ruling party has strained diplomatic relations with most of its East African neighbours. Experts foresee long-term repercussions on the region’s economy and politics due to these severed ties. Kenya, once the pivotal figure in the region, now faces the prospect of a diminished reign because of these deteriorating relationships.

3. The Standard 

The Standard 29012024

The Government’s Missed Mark on the 100,000 Students Missing Entry into Secondary Education

With more than 100,000 students failing to report to secondary school, the government has issued a directive to track and enrol them. However, the move is ineffective because the affected students and their parents cite financial constraints as the primary obstacle to enrollment.

4. People Daily 

People Daily 29012024

Will Ruto Bully His Way Into Getting What He Wants?

President Ruto, stung by consecutive courtroom defeats, is still pushing forward with his ambitious agenda, viewing the Judiciary as a troublesome hindrance. His unwavering resolve signals a potential clash between executive and judicial powers through his presidential reign.

5. The Star 

The Star 29012024

Kalonzo Has A Plan For 2027

After declaring his decision not to align with the Azimio coalition or endorse Raila’s presidential bid, Kalonzo has set his sights on establishing his own political trajectory. Positioning himself as a viable contender against Ruto in the 2027 elections is no small task. Kalonzo faces the formidable challenge of garnering support from all Kenyans, transcending tribal affiliations to realise his ambitions.

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