Newspaper Review 30th, January 2024


1. Daily Nation 

Daily Nation 30012024

Exposing The Festering Rot in Kenya’s Public Service Sector

A seven-month Nation investigation uncovered corruption and mistreatment in public service sectors, including delays in issuing National Identity cards, dehumanising treatment in hospitals, pensioners living in poverty, and kickbacks for basic tasks. Kenyans face daily humiliation, while graft infects public offices and a criminal enterprise exploits and dehumanises them.

2. The Standard 

The Standard 30012024

Eurobond Could Make or Break the Economy

Yesterday’s report outlined the country’s strategy for repaying foreign debt and driving economic development. The loan repayment structure will significantly impact various aspects, including the cost of living, as highlighted by the IMF, which warns that its recommendations may provoke unrest.

3. Taifa Leo 

Taifa Leo 30012024

Mudavadi Stirs Speculation in Raila’s Camp

Mudavadi promises the Azimio alliance some secretive “good news” soon. Speculations abound regarding its nature, with followers worrying that Ruto and Raila may be heading for a handshake or that the Azimio chair could secure an AU position. There are also rumours that discussions with NADCO might lead to the establishment of an official office for the leader of the opposition.

4. People Daily 

People Daily 30012024

School Fee Approval Process Tightened

The Ministry of Education issued a directive requiring schools seeking to charge fees exceeding the stipulated amount to request approval from the Cabinet Secondary. This directive follows recent scandals involving school funds, including Maranda’s allocation of KES. 34.7 million for a burnt dormitory, Nyamira Girls’ additional tuition fee of KES. 8,725, and Chania Girls’ payment of KES. 2.3 million without supporting documents.

5. The Star 

The Star 30012024

How Kenya Got The Mastermind Behind The KES. 7.6 billion Oil Scandal Extradited to The Country

Yagnesh Devani, the businessman linked to the Triton scandal involving the unauthorised release of oil by the Kenya Pipeline Company in 2008, is back in the country to face charges related to the scandal. Mr Devani has been on the run since June 2009. It is unclear how Kenya managed to apprehend Devani and bring him back to face justice.

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