Newspaper Review 15th, January 2024


Kenyans Newspaper Review 15th, January 2024

1. Daily Nation 

Daily Nation 15/01/2024

The Schools’ Debt Crisis

Despite the commencement of the first term, schools face legal challenges as suppliers sue for payment. This conflict persists despite principals urging the Ministry of Education to disburse allocated funds for secondary day schools. The ministry’s response is still pending, causing uncertainty amid the ongoing academic session.

2. The Standard 

The Standard 15/01/2024

Pressure Mounts as Schools Admit 1.4m Students. 

Parents’ protests against soaring high school costs coincide with teachers grappling to accommodate a surge in Form 1 students amid strained resources. Current school facilities can’t adequately house the enrolled students. The incoming influx surpasses the acceptable limit and intensifies the burden on already stretched resources.

3. Taifa Leo 

Taifa Leo 15/01/2024

Raila’s Plight to the Church

Raila calls on the church to unite against taxation, expressing concern over Kenyans’ plight under Ruto’s government. The opposition leader emphasizes the escalating cost of living due to exorbitant tax rates and urges collective action to address the financial burden faced by the citizens.

4. Star

The Star 15/01/2024

Budget Cut Depletes 900 Million from Ruto and Raila’s Party

The office of the registrar of Political Party slashes KES.900m from UDA and Azimio. The reduction comes as a result of limited funding due to inflation in the country. Political parties will have to contend with limited resources to run their campaign operations.

5. People Daily 

People Daily 15/02/2024

The Subject Change Controversy

Grade 8 poses a challenge as students and teachers confront the reintroduction of subjects abandoned in Grade 3. Learners have to grapple with subjects like Computer Studies and Home Science, as the new curriculum requires them to resume learning these disciplines despite discontinuation in their earlier academic journey.

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