The Best Bulk SMS Providers in Kenya


Do you want to engage and interact with your audience and prospects faster and affordably? Do you want to promote your new products, or alert your customers about the available discounts? Affordable Bulk SMS from various providers is the way to go.

Bulk SMS helps you to pass a message across to many clients at a time. It allows companies and organizations to grow their business. Besides, you nurture and develop your customer’s trust by communicating with them frequently. Therefore, connect with bulk SMS providers to increase your business sales.

10 Bulk SMS Providers in Kenya

Bulk SMS Provider Services Contact Location
Crystal Technologies SMS Alerts and Reminders for Schools +254 20-4404074 IPS Building, 10th Floor, Kimathi street, Nairobi
OraMobile Kenya Ring back tones USSD Short Code Phone number databases 0724 926871 TRV Office Plaza, 7th Floor, Suite 7D, Muthithi Road, Nairobi
SMSLeopard SMS payment reminders Personalized SMS marketing SMS group messaging 0718 876044/ 0787 050584 Rehema Place, A6 Junction of Ring Road and Ngong Road
Telkom Kenya Ltd SMS bundles 020 4952001 Telkom Plaza, Nairobi
Advanta Africa Ltd Bulk SMS API SMPP API USSD API guide Airtime API 0709 186000/ 0724 314614 Kipro Center, 2nd Floor, Nairobi
Mobitech Technologies Bulk SMS Short Codes USSD Mpesa Integration 0722 158772/ 0702 739804   Commercial Centre, Ring Road, Westlands-Nairobi
MSpace Solution Ltd Bulk SMS USSD Bulk Email Survey 0722 962934 Elysee Plaza Building, Kilimani Road-off Ngong Road, 2nd Floor, Nairobi
Movetech Solution Ltd Free SMS API Bulk SMS integration  Bulk SMS pricing 0742 063355/ 0733 174743/ 0721 722333 Njenga House, Tom Mboya Street, 5th Floor, Nairobi Kahawa Wendani, Thika Road
Uwazii Mobile Blast text messaging Text integration SMS API 0722 157527 90 JGO Office, Nairobi
Airtouch Connection Bulk SMS Scheduled SMS Multimedia SMS Group SMS 0723 403466/ 0709 969222  

List of Bulk SMS Providers in Kenya

1. Crystal Technologies

Crystal Technologies offers bulk SMS service to schools. The company helps parents and schools to communicate effectively. Through their bulk SMS services, parents can get their children’s performance, upcoming school events, and closing dates.

The bulk SMS feature allows the school to send personalized texts in bulky from the computer to parents and students. Also, you can set a time when you want a specific SMS to be sent. Therefore, the bulk SMS provider has made it easy for schools to communicate with parents easily.

2. OraMoblie Kenya

It is an award-winning bulk SMS service provider in Kenya. You can get OraMobile Kenya free bulk SMS accounts in different parts like Nyeri, Nairobi, and Nakuru. Also, you can enjoy a cost-effective premium bulk SMS solution.

The company provides services in Ring Back Tones, Short Code, and Databases for Phone numbers to organizations. Also, they are there 24/7 to offer support. Finally, the bulk SMS provider’s interface and API are user-friendly. 

3. SMSLeopard

Is SMS messaging a crucial part of your business? Relax, SMSLeopard has got you. The company allows you to do bulk SMS marketing campaigns, group texting, and also SMS payment reminders.

The bulk SMS provider can help you open an individual account, business account, or enterprise account to serve your customers. You can visit their offices in Nairobi to inquire more about bulk SMS services.

4. Telkom Kenya Ltd

Telkom is one of the cheapest bulk SMS providers in Kenya. Whether you are an institution, business, or SMS reseller, you can subscribe to Telkom bulk SMS service. Besides, you can send a text to any number; that is, you can send it to a Safaricom, Airtel, or any other Kenyan network.

The minimum bulk SMS package at Telkom Kenya goes for Ksh 15,000. When you prepay for your bulk SMS service, you won’t incur any other cost until your package expires. However, you cannot use the package to send messages to international numbers.

5. Advanta Africa Ltd

AdvantaSMS allows you to send bulk messages from your phone, integrated application using a free API or web. Besides, you can access free bulk SMS software in Kenya for passing messages to your target audience.

The bulk SMS provider offers USSD, airtime, bulk SMS, and shortcodes to clients. The company has over 1,000 companies they work with, including Madison Group, Unilever, NIBS Technical College, and Riara Group of School. You can send up to 1 million messages through AdvantaSMS.

6. MobiTech Technologies Ltd 

 The bulk SMS provider helps you have a web portal that will easily allow you to find your clients’ contacts. Also, the portal enables you to plan for product campaigns and send SMS in any local language. Besides, you can send personalized SMS in bulk.

You can send the bulk SMS via your web interface of SMS API to Safaricom users. MobiTech provides transactional, promotional, and business bulk SMS packages. Also, you can get airtime, USSD, shortcodes, and MPESA integration.

7. MSpace Solutions Ltd

MSpace is a leading bulk SMS provider in Kenya and Uganda. The company has worked with clients like Safaricom, Communications Authority of Kenya, Old Mutual, and Mount Kenya University.

MSpace bulk SMS service allows you to instantly send SMS with your organization’s name to local and international customers. Besides, you can send a long SMS with up to 1024 characters. Finally, you can schedule the time and the date to send the texts.

8. Movetech Solution Ltd

Are you a bulk SMS reseller or client? Movetech is the best premium SMS provider in Kenya, with a rate of Ksh 0.65 per SMS. The company allows you to send the SMS online to any part of the country using your company’s name. 

You can get a free SMS API to connect to any software from the bulk SMS provider. The SMS API is available for low rates bulk SMS users and corporate users like schools. Also, you can access the Long Code and Short Code SMS services.

9. Uwazii Mobile

Uwazii Mobile helps businesses to reach out to customers through its online SMS gateway. As a result, the company can support and provide an SMS API and a web portal.  You can send millions of texts to clients across the world faster and at an affordable cost.

Besides, the bulk SMS provider allows you to deliver messages through over 1,000 international networks in the world. Some of its clients are AMREF Health Africa, Olivado, and Webmaster.

10. Airtouch Connection 

Airtouch allows you to send bulk SMS, group SMS, multimedia SMS, and scheduled SMS to your clients. The company sends about 100 messages in a minute while sending over 1.1 million messages in a day.

Airtouch has ten years of experience in bulk SMS service provision.  Lastly, the bulk SMS provider partners with Airtel, Safaricom, Bamboo Group, and Orange to deliver quality services. 

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