The Best STI Testing Centres in Kenya


According to Frontiers in Public Health organization, the highly STI infected individuals are between 15 and 24 years across the world. STIs are caused by bacteria, parasites, or viruses transmitted through unprotected sex and skin-to-skin genital contact. It is important to have regular checkups in one of the STI testing centres in Kenya.

The most common STIs in Kenya are Gonorrhea, Syphilis, and Chlamydia. Besides, women are more infected with STIs in Kenya than men. Adolescent girls and young women are the victims. However, most hesitate to go for STI screening and treatment at STI testing centres.

Reliable STI Testing Centres in Kenya

STI Testing Centre Services Contact Location
Better2know STI testing 0207 640738 Ruaraka Ongata Rongai Buruburu
Avane Clinic STI consultations STI testing 0714 500500 0718 500500 Yaya Centre Parklands
Pathologists Lancet Kenya STI Testing 0736 493100/ 020 273 5123 Upperhill
Marie Stopes STI screening 0800 720005 Kilimani
AAR Healthcare STI testing Pre and post-test counseling STI management 0709 701007/ 0730 655000 Ngong
Coptic Hope Centre STI testing STI counseling 0711 043000 Ngong Road
Fikiria Jamii Clinic STI testing STI treatment and counseling 0725 734504 Donholm Business Centre, Nairobi
CA Medlynks STI consultation STI testing 0794 589 129 Upperhill
Aga Khan Hospital STI testing STI consultations STI treatment 0733 750038/ 020 366 2029 Nairobi
AHF Kenya STI management Lab monitoring 0722 293960 Nairobi Mombasa Murang’a Turkana Makueni Homabay

List of STI Testing Centres in Kenya

1. Better2know STI Testing Centre         

Better2know is a private STD Centre with different clinics in Nairobi. The centre allows you to have a private sample collection with a qualified clinician. Afterward, your sample gets to the central laboratory for analysis. You receive your results within one to five working days depending on the screening you choose.

After the results are out, you can access them online by logging into your secure patient arena. Besides, the STI testing centre allows you to access the results through your preferred email, phone call, or SMS.

2. Avane Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic & Medical Spa

Avane clinic provides testing and treatment of STIs like Syphilis, Anal Warts, Chlamydia, and Gonorrhea. Depending on your condition, the STI testing centre can prescribe antibiotics, antiviral tablets, unaesthetic ointments, or topical creams.

The clinic provides STI testing in Nairobi and its environs. To test your infection, the clinic may ask for a urine sample, blood sample, a swap from the urethra or your throat or rectum.

3. Pathologists Lancet Kenya

Pathologists Lancet Kenya offers ultramodern laboratory services. The STI testing centre provides screening for syphilis, herpes, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. To collect the sample for testing, the laboratory has a trained healthcare practitioner.

Pathologists Lancet provides the test results 2-3 days after the urine, blood, or swab arrives in the laboratory. If you have an STI and want to go through a successful STI treatment, you can visit Lancet laboratories in Kenya. You can find them in Nairobi, Kisumu, Kericho, Nyali, Bungoma, and other parts of the country.

4. Marie Stopes Kenya

Marie Stopes Kenya offers screening of STI diseases in all their centres. The hospital encourages early testing and treatment of STIs to prevent impacts like infertility. You can contact Marie Stopes’s team to inquire about STI testing prices in Kenya.

The STI centre ensures the privacy of your STI screening and testing. Therefore, do not shy away from reaching out for help if you have symptoms of an STI. The health practitioners will handle you with respect.

5. AAR Healthcare

It is one of the best STI testing centre in Kenya. The hospital offers a voluntary STI testing program. Once you come out for testing and turn STI positive, AAR healthcare takes you through a treatment journey. First, they offer pre and post counseling sessions before and after testing.

Also, the STI testing centre provides an STI management process. They provide you with the necessary treatment to help you recover. In the end, you heal both physically and emotionally from the stigma attached to STI patients.

6. Coptic Hope Centre

It is a Centre in Coptic Mission Hospital for infectious diseases. You can get STI testing and counseling services at the STI testing centre. Finally, the hospital is located along Ngong Road in Nairobi.   

7. Fikiria Jamii Clinic

Fikiria Jamii Clinic is located in Nairobi. The clinic offers STI testing services at an affordable price. Besides, it provides quality treatment of STIs like genital herpes, syphilis, and gonorrhea.

In the process of your testing and treatment, Fikiria Jamii Clinic offers mental support through counseling. They have a friendly counseling team that helps you to overcome depression and also finish your STI treatment in Kenya.

8. CA Medlynks STI Testing Centre

CA Medlynks is a health centre that focuses on infectious diseases like STIs. The STI testing centre has the best technologies and professionals to screen and treat you. Besides, CA Medlynks has helped to reduce the STI rates in Kenya through their services.

If you have any questions about STIs, you can call their free consultation number (0794 589129). Also, the phone call is secured, and they embrace privacy. They offer STI testing for diseases like Chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, HPV, herpes, and trichomoniasis.

9. Aga Khan Hospital  

The Aga Khan Hospital has an Infectious disease, HIV Care/ Travel Medicine department responsible for STIs services. The STI testing centre offers a daily Infectious Disease Clinic where you can go for checkups and treatment.  Besides, the hospital has wards and Intensive Care Units for in-patients with STIs.

Besides, the STI testing centre has a patient hotline connected to a qualified nurse. In case you have a query about STIs, you can reach out and receive feedback immediately. Therefore, if you wish to have successful STI testing, counseling, and treatment in Kenya, you can visit the Aga Khan Hospital.

10. AHF Kenya

It is an organization working in Kenya since 2008. AHF Kenya has 5 clinics across the country to help those with HIV/ AIDS and STIs.  In 2014, AHF Kenya built AHF Plaza in Nairobi in partnership with the Ministry of Health.

For years, the STI testing centre offers STI management services to those infected. Also, you can get lab monitoring services to check your recovery progress.   

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