Newspaper Review 13th, February 2024


1. Daily Nation 

The Untimely Loss of a Marathon Legend

Kevin Kiptum, a beacon of hope at just 24, held the prestigious title of men’s marathon world record holder. His triumph in the third major race was a testament to his unparalleled talent and unwavering determination. However, his aspirations to achieve the unthinkable, to conquer the 42km marathon in under two hours, were tragically cut short by a heart-wrenching road accident, leaving behind shattered dreams and a legacy of unfulfilled potential.

2. The Standard 

The Standard 13022024

The Sharp Knife of A Short Life

In his final moments, Kevin Kiptum, beloved by his father and wife, entrusted them with his deepest desires. To his wife, he vowed to be the first to complete a marathon in under two hours. To his father, he pledged to erect a church on the land he had acquired. Sadly, fate intervened, robbing the world of this promising athlete prematurely.

3. Taifa Leo 

Taifa Leo 13022024

A Rising Star’s Life Cut Short

Kenya mourns the loss of athletics star Kevin Kiptum, who tragically perished in a road accident alongside his coach. With aspirations to surpass Kipchoge Keino’s world record, Kiptum aimed to complete his third world race in under two hours. However, fate intervened, leaving his dreams unfulfilled.

4. People Daily 

People Daily 13022024

Secondary Schools Grapple With Congestion

Due to a surge in Form One enrollments, learning institutions are repurposing offices, laboratories, and even tents as makeshift classrooms. This initiative is part of a concerted effort to achieve the Ministry’s ambitious goal of 100% transition, ensuring all students progress to secondary education.

5. The Star 

The Star 13022024

Kenyans to Absorb A KISS.3 Billion Bill from KENHA

On top of the existing inflation woes and over-taxation by the Kenya Kwanza government, Kenyans now face an extra financial burden of KES.3 billion due to delayed road projects initiated by the Jubilee government. The added expense further dampens taxpayers’ morale, exacerbating their economic challenges.

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