Newspaper Review 14th, February 2024


1. Daily Nation

Ghost Workers Cost Taxpayers KES.35 Billion

Payroll theft has led to 42 counties exceeding statutory salary limits, prompting a Senate watchdog committee to launch an investigation into fraudulent salary payments. The committee has demanded payroll audits from the counties, but some have hesitated to comply. Additionally, counties that appointed task forces to address the issue faced a setback when a High Court order deemed them unlawful. Consequently, the probe has stalled, allowing rogue officials to retain the stolen funds.

2. The Standard 

The Standard 14022024

Ruto’s Problematic Solution To The Eurobond Debt

The Eurobond puzzle has placed the Kenya Kwanza government in a challenging position as it strives to stabilise the economy without triggering significant financial consequences. President Ruto has pursued borrowing even more costly loans to alleviate the dire circumstances. However, critics express concerns about the loans’ implications for Kenya’s future.

3. Taifa Leo 

Taifa Leo 14022024

The eCitizen Stress Back Like It Never Left

Despite the High Court’s injunction against school fee payments through the eCitizen portal, the government has instructed schools to continue using this platform for fee collection. Nevertheless, parents are encountering difficulties and obstacles with the digital payment method, impeding their children’s access to education.

4. People Daily 

People Daily 14022024

Why Is Ruto Endorsing Raila for African Union Post?

President Ruto’s advisers perceive supporting Raila for the African Union’s top job as a strategic move to retire him from the 2027 presidential race. By securing Raila a prominent international position, they aim to create breathing space for the ruling party, possibly reducing the opposition’s momentum and consolidating support ahead of the next presidential election.

5. The Star 

The Star 14022024

Boards’ Demand for Higher Salaries Sparks Fears of Wage Bill Crisis

Amid Kenya’s struggling economy, inflation, dwindling shilling strength, and over-taxation, MPs, judges, and senior government officials continue to demand higher pay. This clamour for increased salaries contrasts sharply with the country’s economic challenges, raising concerns about fiscal responsibility and equity in wage distribution amidst broader economic hardships.

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