Newspaper Review 16th, January 2024


Kenyans Newspaper Review 160124

1. Daily Nation 

Daily Nation 16012024

Mwangaza’s Husband and Sister Cooperate Over Murder Probe

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza’s husband, Murega Baichu, and her sister, Miriam Guantai, were questioned in the ongoing investigation into the murder of blogger Daniel Muthian, aka ‘Sniper,’ on December 16, 2023. Despite public outcry, Governor Mwangaza denies any knowledge of the brutal killing.

2. The Standard 

The Standard 160124

Justice Koome Condemns Assault on the Judiciary

Chief Justice Martha Koome sternly cautions the President and his associates, emphasizing that undermining the Judiciary is a dire assault on democracy, risking a descent into chaos. She deems the threats gravely serious, characterizing them as a monumental attack on the constitution and the rule of law. Nothing good comes from operating above the law.

3. Taifa Leo 

Taifa Leo 16012024

Kenya Nears a Shift to Authoritarianism

President Ruto’s words are slowly becoming enforceable directives with minimal impact on opposition resistance. The erosion of the rule of law and the diminishing power of court rulings depict a grim reality for Kenyans. The nation teeters on the edge of a potential shift towards dictatorship as Ruto’s influence remains unchecked.

4. The Star 

The Star 16012024

Probing over State Capture Targets Uhuru and Top Guns in His Administration

The State Capture Commission of Inquiries may soon investigate allegations of abuse of power by top officials in the former regime under Uhuru’s administration. Former President Uhuru and Fred Matiang’i are among those targeted for questioning. The Kenya Kwanza government is progressing towards finalizing legislation to address this matter.

5. People Daily 

People Daily 16012024

Judiciary Warns of President Ruto’s Non-Compliance Risks Contempt of Court and Civil Strife

Following President Ruto’s public declaration of non-compliance with court orders, the Judiciary, led by Chief Justice Martha Koome, strongly cautions against the President’s blatant disregard for the rule of law and the court’s authority. The CJ warns that if this stance remains unchecked, it could potentially escalate into civil unrest.

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