Newspaper Review 6th, March 2024


1. Daily Nation

The Failed Government Travel Ban

Ruto’s administration, known solely for extravagant local and foreign trips, continues to stay true to its reputation. After downsizing travel budgets last year in October 2023 and enforcing strict measures to cut down delegates for overseas trips, the budget doubled from KES.4.33 billion to KES.7.05 billion. The figures show the well-intended measures fell on deaf years as the president and his workforce keep globe-trotting.

2. The Standard 

The Standard 06032024

Azimio Principals on Raila’s Case

Opposition Leaders corner Raila, demanding answers for his recent political moves. The change caught Azimio’s leadership unawares and unprepared. The principals want to know how the former Prime Minister convinced and forged an alliance with President Ruto and the prerequisites that come with Kenya Kwanza’s unwavering support in his AUC endeavours.

3. Taifa Leo 

Taifa Leo 06032024

The Kenya Kwanza Government Keeps Milking Kenyans Dry

Kenyans find no rest as the government remains adamant about taxing or increasing costs for government services. Among the services affected include getting the National identity card for the first time, which was once free and now will cost Kenyans KES.300, while getting a birth certificate will cost KES.200 up from KES.50. Kenyans will also have to part with 1000 shillings to replace their ID.

4. People Daily 

People Daily 06032024

The Fall of NHIF

A recent report explains how officials liaised with hospitals to embezzle millions of funds from the NHIF. The former health insurer is now the symbol of corruption and incompetence among other government agencies. The lack of fiduciary responsibility, accountability, and retribution for those involved continues to fuel the fire of lawlessness in government institutions.

5. The Star 

The Star 06032024

Police At The Center of A Medical Scandal

An expose reveals about 5,000 fake cops involved in a medical scandal. The report details how police officers entered into a raw deal to extort funds that will cost taxpayers an arm and a leg.

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