The Best Part-time Jobs for Students in Kenya


In Kenya, university and college-going students have a lot of free time. You can even have a free whole day without lectures.  This is because a semester has 3 to 4 months. Out of this, you can have 2 free months in between the 4 months of your learning. As a result, you can do part-time jobs for students to get some money.

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As a student, it is wise to have a side-hustle to get an upkeep, and when things are not adding up at home, you can pay your fees. Also, some of these part-time jobs for students allows you to gain skills relevant in the market place.

Part-time Jobs for Students in Kenya

Part-time jobStartup skills
Part-time cateringFood and beverage skills
BeautyArt skills
Social media managingCreativity
Making matsCreativity
Writing and selling e-BooksGrammar
Campus photographerCreativity
After-school teachingTeaching
Online surveysAnalytical
Critical thinking 
List of Side-hustles for Students

1. Outside Catering

During weekends, many events occur around campuses. You can look for an outside catering company around and join the group. Since you are not likely to have a class on weekends, you can work with the company and earn some money.

If you are a food and beverage student, this can be a good platform to improve your skills. Also, the part-time job for students allows you to learn some things you might have skipped in class.

2. Beauty

Students love to look beautiful and handsome, and especially when going out for a date. You can take the chance to offer beauty services like make-ups and hairdressing during your free hours. This is one of the best job ideas for college students in Kenya.

Also, you can partner with a nearby saloon and get employed as a part-time beautician. At the end of the week, you won’t lack your upkeep pennies. Therefore, if you are talented in this field, showcase it.

3. Modeling

For students who love modeling, this can be your part-time job while still studying. You can model for your institution and be the MR. or Miss, and the school will be paying you.

Moreover, you can be modeling for a cloth line nearby and be their brand ambassador. It is one of the best jobs for university students in Nairobi. This is because the opportunities are many. You can grab the chance, and it can make you get better opportunities after school.

4. Social Media Management

One of the most significant global development of the late 20th century is the use of the internet. Kenya is one of the top ten countries in Africa in the use of the internet. This is because many companies and individuals have embraced social media platforms to grow their brands.

As a student, you can be a part-time social media manager. As one of the online jobs for university students in Kenya, you can earn a reasonable amount of money with time. You only need to be conversant with different social media platforms and analytical tools.

5. Making Mats

For art lovers, this is a part-time job for you. It is all about creativity and passion. You can start by making two or three mats and then sell them to your friends. If you make something appealing, you will get work through referrals.

You can use social media platforms in your school to advertise your work. Although making one mat may take time, it is worth it when you keep getting orders.

6. Writing and Selling E-Books

You can use your free time after classes to go to the library. In the library, read on particular topics that you know will be of interest to campus students. Write multiple books about such fields. You can use one of the best campus selling platforms, that is,

E-book selling is one of the best part-time jobs in Kenya. This is because you not only reach the students on your campus but other campuses across the country. Therefore, if you do not have something to do after your classes, you can take the opportunity and start this part-time job for students.

7. Campus photographer

Some students are talented photographers. It just flows in their blood. If you are good at photo-taking, purchase a camera and kick off the part-time job as a student. With time, you will start receiving invitations to do a photo session for celebs.

Also, when it comes to campus students and especially ladies, they love photoshoots. During weekends, you can have three or more clients who want a photo session.

8. After-school Teaching

If you are pursuing education on campus, you can start practicing early enough. This is achievable by starting after school sessions. It is a part-time job for students who have a passion for teaching.

First, identifying nearby homes with pupils. Second, approach the parents and ask them if you can coach their children after their school sessions. When they agree and note an improvement in their children’s performance, be sure to get referrals.

9. Freelancing

It is a well-known part-time job for students in many institutions.  Different platforms in Kenya and outside the country offer online writing jobs for college students in Kenya. As a result, some students have bought cars while still in school from what they earn.

There are different forms of freelancing you can do. You can do article writing, academic writing, transcriptions, among others. All you need is a strong internet connection and a laptop/phone.

10. Online surveys

There are several online survey platforms like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and Mobrog that offer part-time jobs for students. Your work will be to collect data, carry out experiments, and then analyze the data.

If you are good at data collection and analysis, this is the best part-time job for you. Don’t be bored after class while you can do something and earn cash.

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