10 Best Beauty Spas in Kenya


Have you subscribed to Kenyan beauty spa resort treatment services? This is a place where you get splendid and unforgettable experiences. It is a place where you turn away a dull day to a memorable one. Events like weddings also call for such services if you want stunning snaps for your D-day.

 You reap numerous benefits from visiting a beauty spa, such as stress reduction, better sleep, improving your physical outlook, and significantly reduced muscle pains. In Kenya, most people understand what spas can do for them. It is a perfect place to relax and meditate after having a long week at work.

Since you have understood the benefits, why don’t you get to one of the amazing beauty spas and live to tell the tale? Most spas in Kenya offer you; massage, manicure, pedicure, reflexology, or facial.

You might be overwhelmed searching for the best beauty spa for you. We have compiled a list of the top ten spas in Kenya. This information will help you choose a beauty spa with exceptional services.

Beauty Spa Review (Comparison)

1. Devarana Spa

Devarana Spa is in  Nairobi, Kenya, located at the dusitD2 Nairobi along the famous Nairobi’s leafy and secure Riverside Drive. This is one of the most stunning spas in Kenya.

It takes you less than 30 minutes to access the facility from the Nairobi business district. This spa uses science and the latest technology to give your body, mind, and spirit some peace.

Devarana spa interior encompasses the THAI décor, which reflects its ‘garden in heaven’ concept derived from the ancient Thai literature of the Sukhothai Dynasty in 1345 A.D ‘Tribhumphraruang. While inside, you feel calm and relaxed. You inhale fresh air from refreshing basil, tea tree, and orange blossom scents.

The treatment room has the following amenities to ensure you find the environment conducive; a private changing area, built-in steam shower, toilet facility, and optional bathtub.

2. Saffron Day Spa & Salon

This is a place where you get a conducive environment to relax your mind and body. The facility was started in 2016 and is located along Muthangari Drive in Wetlands Area. The goal of this spa is to ensure stress is no longer part of you.

 They give you an opportunity to feel relaxed, pampered, and re-energized. Here are the services you get from this spa:

  • Numerous body and skincare  treatments options
  • Moroccan hammam ritual in your private steam room, natural body scrubs or massages from holistic to aromatherapy
  • manicures and pedicures
  • hair make up
  • Power Vibe Studio to help you reach your body goals

A team of professional experts provides all these services.

3. Serenity spa

As the name suggests, this is a place of serenity. 2013 spa lovers had a reason to smile. This is because this was the year Serenity Spa opened its doors to the public. The spa has a team of highly qualified therapists and quality products to ensure they give you exceptional services.

Serenity Spa is located in two places; Gigiri and Kitusuru. Both spas offer services such as massage, facials, scrubs, pedicures, manicures, and couple of treatments. The hair salon offers mainstream services such as cutting, blowing, and blow-drying, plus other specialized hair treatment services.

4. Beauty quest spa

Everything you think of that can enhance your beauty is found at the Beauty Quest Spa. It is a stunning spa in Kenya that has a team of qualified experts who seek to give exceptional services. They understand the feeling you get coming from a hair salon feeling satisfied.

 For that reason, they will address all your skin and leave you feeling phenomena. They have unique massage services that are therapeutic-based treatments. Also, it is only at Beauty Quest Spa that you get stylish Hair Cuts and Treatments.

5. Aromatic spa

The Aromatic Spa is located along 101 Manyani East Road, Lavington, Nairobi, Kenya. This is where east and west therapists join hands to give you that feeling you have missed for a long time.

 Indeed, we can say it is a haven where tranquility prevails, and you should not resist the urge to visit this spa. The aromatic spa gives you a conducive environment for mind relaxation. Other services you get are as follows; 

  • Scrubs
  • Massages
  • Wraps
  • Hand and Foot Treatments

6. Nothing Like it Spa

Looking for the best place to get world-class massage services? Then you are in the right place. Nothing Like It Spa offers top services in body massage, body waxing, nail bar, and hair services.

7. Radiance Spa and salon

Radiance is located off George Padmore Lane in the Kilimani area of Nairobi. It boasts modern equipment that gives you exceptional results. They offer top-notch services for all beauty-related needs, such as; manicures, pedicures, facials, and waxing.

 This ensures you feel pampered, renewed, and rejuvenated. Have you heard of hot and cold facial treatments or unique micro-dermabrasion facials? You only get this at Radiance Spa and Salon. Also, you get qualified experts in hair styling.

8. Angsana Spa Sankara Nairobi

Angsana Spa is located at Sankara Nairobi Woodvale Grove, Westlands. The spa was established in 1999. Angsana Spa is in 18 countries today, thanks to its world-class services. The spa is nestled in a five-star hotel.

They draw their inspiration from a Banyan tree. You should not worry about the side effects of the products they use. This is because they use natural products such as native flowers and fruits. 

They specifically deal with aromatherapy that involves fusing east and west techniques. Angsana Spa Sankara uses Euphoria Oil, extracts from Ylang Ylang Litsea Cubeba, and Sweet Basil during massage sessions. All this ensures you get the deep relaxation you have been yearning for years.

9. Ayush Ayurveda and Yoga Holistic Centre

Experience the secrets of relaxation from the unique services provided at Ayush Ayurveda and Yoga Holistic Centre. It is conveniently located on Flat No. 2, Mayfair Business Center, Masapo Road, Off Parklands Road, Just behind Southern Sun Mayfair Hotel. 

They help you calm your mind using Ayurveda yoga, spa therapies, reflexology, aromatherapy, and Ayurveda treatments.

10. Aristocuts Salon Spa

This spa believes that your look matters. It is located at Aristocuts Beauty Salon Ltd, Yaya Centre, Arghwings Kodhek road. They have qualified staff who are always ready to fulfill your wishes. Here are the services: facial and massage, body waxing, manicure and pedicure, hair cuts, and rituals.

Final Thoughts

Do not let stress and bad days confine you at your home. Get out and book an appointment with a reputable spa. You will reap many benefits and appreciate the need to visit a spa frequently.

Looks will always matter. Do not let people misjudge you. Visit a beauty parlor and thank us later.

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