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Recently, I was sharing an experience with one of my friends. The words they shared got me thinking. “You should invest in the best wedding photographers and videographers for your wedding because that is the most important asset you will retain for your D-day.” That statement keeps on lingering in my mind.

Keeping the most thrilling memories in high-quality photos is one of the ways to keep your wedding memories vivid. With the ever-ballooning number of wedding photographers in Kenya, getting the best photographer might be an uphill task. Especially when the wedding date gets closer, and you have done all your shopping.

But that shouldn’t worry you because we’ve made it a tad easier for you. Based on their wedding photography packages, quality, and evaluation of their consumer satisfaction, the following wedding photographers are worth every dime.

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The Best Wedding Photographers in Kenya

Wedding Photographer

Contact Information

Ben Kiruthi

Facebook: Ben Kiruthi

Twitter: Ben Kiruthi

Instagram: Ben Kiruthi

Blog: Ben Kiruthi

Antony Trivet

Facebook: Antony Trivet

Twitter: antonytrivet

Instagram: Antony Trivet

Blog: Antony Trivet Photography

Timothy Katua

Facebook: Timothy Katua

Twitter: Timothy Katua

Instagram: Timothy Katua

Blog: Katz Photography

Lola Leila

Facebook: Maiafreia

Twitter: Maiafreia

Instagram: Maiafreia


Eric G Maina

Facebook: Eric G Maina

Insgram: Impressstudioke

YouTube: Impress Studio

Blog: Impress Studio

Joe Nganga

Facebook: Joel Nganga

Blog: Joewell Photography

Anil Tohani

Facebook: Anil Tohani

Twitter: Anil Tohani


Blog: Zurihsia | Luxury Wedding Portrait and Lifestyle Photographers

Edgar Chomba

Facebook: Mecvisual

Instagram: Manlikemutugi

Behance: Edgar Chomba

Blog: Mecvisual

Billy Miaron

Facebook: Miaron Billy

Twitter: Bmpicz Photography (@bmpicz)

Instagram: Miaron Billy (@bmpicz)

Blog: Bmpicz

Patrick Wambu

Facebook: Ricqstudio

Twitter: Patrick wambu (@patwambu)

Instagram: Ricqstudio

Blog: Ricqstudio

List of the Top Wedding Photography Experts in Kenya

1. Ben Kiruthi

Mr. Kiruthi is a top-rated wedding photographer who never misses top positions in any photography ranking.

The passion and professionalism that he employs to meet his client’s needs have made him gain a vast clientele base.

His blog topped the Kenya Blog awards 2014 for being the best photography blog. This wasn’t long after he launched his photography career in the very year, shortly after his wedding.

With the company of his wife, the duo is enthusiastic about helping couples to keep their D-day memories crystal clear.  And that has made him grow from earning peanuts to a colossal amount per month in photography.

Unlike other photographers whose mission ends after a wedding ceremony, this Christian wedding photographer makes a follow-up a few years after the event to track the progress. Perhaps that’s what gives him an edge over his competitors.

When not in action, Mr. Kiruthi traverses Kenya, training and mentoring a young generation of photographers as a way of giving back.

2. Antony Trivet

Antony is another pro-rated photographer you can’t miss in any list of top photographers in Kenya.

Ranging from wedding fashions and photography to portraiture, this highly talented Kenyan lensman goes beyond to deliver quality snaps. 

Besides being a pro wedding photographer, Trivet has a strong background in commercial illustrative photography and executive portraiture.

As if that’s not enough, he has vast years of experience as a visual media instructor and an editor.

Based on his creativity and outstanding photo quality, Trivet received countless nominations and accolades. He won the 2015 Nikon Kenya Photo Summit, the 2015 Kenya Glamour Awards, and the 2016 Canon Selphy Street competition.

Besides that, Antony Trivet also won the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards in the category of Kenya National Award.

3. Timothy Katua

Timothy is one of the most sought wedding photographers. He doubles as an artistic wedding documentary photographer and a visual storyteller.

With more than six years in the photography industry, Timothy offers photography packages that fit everyone.

Based on his fascinating photographic works featuring Muslim, Asian, and Christian weddings, Mr. Katua has gained a massive audience in Kenya and East Africa at large.

Besides that, Timothy Katua has received many accolades and nominations for prestigious photography awards since 2013.

In the company of his wife Monica, who’s also an expert photographer, the duo does the incredible.

4. Lola Leila

Leila is one of the most reputable female wedding photographers. She doesn’t only keep your wedding memory fresh but also captures key details of your event.

With her many years of experience in capturing engagements, weddings, honeymoons, and anniversaries throughout Kenya, she can travel to any destination when duty calls.

Besides, she has a photography studio that delivers exceptional Muslim, Indian, and Asian wedding photography.

If you’re looking for the best wedding photographers in Kenya, then Lola Leila is one of the experts you can count on.

5. Eric G Maina

Eric is a Kenya-based photographer renowned for his skills.  He is not only professional but also passionate about his work.

Blending his experience, skills, and professionalism, Eric produces exquisite photos to keep your wedding memories fresh.

Due to his top-notch photography skills, he is one of the most celebrated and recommended Kenyan lens experts. He is the CEO of Impress Studio Ke.

Based on his stunning wedding snaps, Eric has motivated youths in Kenya to become passionate about what they do.

6. Joe Nganga

Joe is one of the best wedding photographers in Nairobi.

Being a great photography fanatic, he does not only capture what he sees but also what he feels you should keep.

Due to his passion for photography, Joe can sometimes leave his house at dawn and return at dust after the last shot of the last person at an evening party.

Besides, Joe offers customized packages that ensure every customer’s need is fully met. Sounds great? Well, you can contact him through social channels.

7. Anil Tohani

He’s one of the top-ranked photographers who combines his creativity, professionalism, and psychology to take awesome wedding documentary photos that you’ll love.

Anil has many years of experience that guarantee customer satisfaction history. He produces snaps that give the best visual appeal and communicate deep messages.

Besides winning many accolades and awards in the Kenyan photography industry, Anil Tohani is also honored to be one of the most sought-after photographers in the UK.

Even though he’s based in Kenya, he can travel to any destination in his line of duty.

8. Edgar Chomba

Edgar is one of the best photographers in Kenya. He can capture every detail of your special day with creativity and utmost professionalism.

From a business perspective, design, and psychology background, he shoots fantastic photos that keep the event memory alive for many years.

If you’re looking for a photographer for your event, you won’t go wrong with Chomba.

9. Billy Miaron

Billy is not only a photography professional but also much enthusiastic about his job. Due to his great passion for photography, he founded a blog known as Bmpicz, where he tells his stories through images.

Besides that, Billy is renowned for his artistic ability to take stunning wedding photos.

Not to forget, he also offers customized packages at a pocket-friendly price. If you’re looking for the best Kenya wedding photographer, then Billy Miaron won’t fail you.

10. Patrick Wambu

Though last on the list, Patrick Wambu is never the least when it comes to photographic skills. He produces timeless photos that speak volumes about your event.

As one of the most reputable wedding photographers in Nairobi, Wambu has won many accolades and awards.

Despite being a Nairobian, Patrick Wambu travels to different wedding destinations and captures gorgeous wedding photos that will melt your heart. 


Wedding photography in Kenya has become a highly profitable business. Therefore, it wouldn’t be easy to go through the profile of every Kenyan photographer.

But look, we’ve made it easy for you. All you can do is choose your preferred photographer and get your wedding photos captured professionally and skillfully.

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