The Top 10 Journalists in Kenya


Appearing on the tv screen or radio is taken as a light task but it is a call. It requires courage, commitment, and knowledge. In Kenya, there are hundreds of journalists who grace tv screens and radios daily. Both male and female media personalities have given their life for you to laugh, learn, and enjoy whenever you turn on your screen or radio.

As the media industry continues to blossom daily, people who give the best are enrolled in. Media houses are looking for the top journalists.  The impact of each media personality is evident among fans who listen to them.

The Top Media Personalities in Kenya

Media personality TV/Radio station Show
Jeff Koinange

Citizen tv  

Hot 96

JK Live Sunday Live

Breakfast show

Yvonne Okwara Citizen tv Tonight Business Now
Alex Mwakideu Milele FM Milele breakfast
Anne Kiguta K24 Punchline
Massawe Japanni Radio Jambo Bustani
Mark Masai NTV Press Pass
Linda Ogutu KTN News KTN Prime
Maina Kageni Classic 105 Breakfast show
Mwashirima Kapombe Citizen tv Citizen Nipashe
Lulu Hassan Citizen tv Citizen Nipashe

1. Jeff Koinange

Jeff is one of the top 10 richest journalists in Kenya. The Kenyan journalist has 25 years in the media field. He has worked with other stations like KTN and K24 before joining Citizen and Hot 96. His show at Citizen on Wednesday attracts thousands of Kenyans. 

On Sunday, he hosts Sunday Live with Victoria Rubadiri and you can’t fail to watch the well-explained news. At Hot 96, Jeff hosts the breakfast show with Professor Hamo, one of the best comedians in Kenya. The show hits at every Kenyan corner with laughter.

2. Yvonne Okwara

Yvonne Okwara is one of the most popular female tv presenters in Kenya.  She is a Senior News Anchor and Editor in charge of Research and Planning at Citizen. The news anchor does her job with commitment and boldness. She hosts the Tonight show at 9 pm on Thursday.

Due to her hard work, she was added another show to host at Citizen called Business Now at 1.15 pm every Monday. For more than 13 years, the award-winning female journalist keeps rising from one level to another. She started off as a Radio host at Royal Media Services.

3. Alex Mwakideu

Mwakideu is one of the Media Council of Kenya accredited journalists. He hosts the breakfast show at Milele FM alongside MCA Tricky. The morning show is one of the most listened to on Radio. It is full of laughter and makes the morning for many Kenyans.

The Radio presenter has gained fame over the years even though he is planning to exit media and venture into politics. The gadio guru is a husband and a father of three kids.

4. Ann Kiguta

Ann Kiguta was one of the top 100 journalists in Kenya 2019. The female tv presenter was born in 1984. She is a news anchor, talk show host, and also a journalist. Anne hosts the famous K24 show, the Punchline, which is a political show. It is aired every Sunday at 9 pm.

Before joining K24, the tv media personality had worked for Hope FM, KTN, Citizen, and Capital FM. The lady mainly major in political and current affairs reportage.

5. Massawe Japanni

Japanni is one of the beautiful Radio presenters at Radio Jambo. She hosts a show by the name Bustani. She had previously worked with Baraka FM, Simba FM, Q FM, and Milele FM. The media journalist is loving, persistent, bold, and funny. Her Swahili is something to admire.

The award-winning Swahili radio Presenter rocks her show by interviewing comedians, artists among other personalities. It is always fun and informative to listen to Bustani with Japanni.

6. Mark Masai

Mark Masai is another journalist who are accredited by the Media Council of Kenya. He started his media career in 2008 at Nation Media Groups (NTV) at an age of 22 years. 

The media personality hosts the Press Pass show at NTV. The platform allows discussion on how media has handled issues over the week and points out what should be improved.

7. Linda Ogutu

Linda is one of the best news anchors in Kenya. Many Kenyans remain glued on the screen for the prime news at KTN. The beautiful voice from Linda Ogutu takes KTN to the world of fame.

Fans, friends, and also foes cannot keep it to themselves for her excellent news presentation. The newswoman previously worked at NTV which shows her domineering power in the Kenyan Media space.

8. Maina Kageni

Maina Kageni is one of the highest-paid radio presenters in Kenya in 2021. The classic 105 media personality is every household’s daily cup of tea. He hosts the morning breakfast show alongside Mwalimu King’ang’i.

The media personality earns between 1.2-1.8 M per month. But currently, he has a 20% cut due to COVID 19 pandemic. Humor is the key to his morning show for fans to enjoy.

9. Mwashirima Kapombe

The Swahili female news anchor at Citizen tv Kenya is a true definition of professionalism and good heart at work. The news girl graces tv screens every Friday from 7 pm with political, business, and sports news in Kenya and outside the country.

Alongside the Nipashe Citizen show, the media personality also hosts Longa Longa. This is a platform where you get to learn Swahili words and currently a Swahili poem is also aired.

10. Lulu Hassan

Lulu is one of the top 100 journalists in Kenya in 2021. Her fluent Swahili makes her one of the fans-favorite news anchor. She presents the news with her co-host Rashid Abdalla, her husband. 

Lulu and Abdalla Saturday show with Bi. Mshwafari gives advice to couples. The two lovebirds are known for matching attires. 

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