The Best Solar Companies in Kenya


Kenya is a leading user of solar energy across the world, especially in rural areas. Most people prefer to source solar panels systems instead of connecting to the Kenya Power grid. This is due to the high cost of electricity installation and buying tokens from Kenya Power. This trend has led to rising in demand for solar panels from reliable companies. 

In 2019, President Uhuru Kenyatta launched a 50MW solar power farm in Garissa. The plant is one of the largest in East and Central Africa. Also, the government aims to have the entire country use green energy by 2020.

Solar energy application in other industries like moto vehicles is taking shape. We have not yet realized the full potential of the power from the sun. 

Other countries are also in a rush to go solar and reduce their carbon footprint. Power outages have also led many to opt for solar over conventional electricity. For example, Dynamic SLR in Houston, TX, is helping residents overcome the problem of frequent power outages. 

Reputable Solar System Companies in Kenya

Solar company Solar products and solutions   Contact Location
Kenya Solar Energy Ltd Solar panels Portable solar  0722 667912/ 0722 982826 Nairobi
PowerPoint System Generators Solar panels Solar fridges Solar water heating Solar water pumping 0722 155534/0734 533211 Nairobi
Go Solar System Ltd Power backup systems Solar panels Inverters Solar hybrid Solar grid tie 0721 207949 Nairobi
Trususn Ltd Solar water heating Solar electricity Power backup system 0733 827865/0721 468 040 Nairobi
Suntech Power Ltd Solar street lighting Solar power & lighting Grid-tie & hybrid solar Solar accessories 0715 208282 Nairobi
Harmonic System Ltd Grid-tie PV Off-grid PV Solar water pumping info@harmonicafrica,com 0711 590 990 Nairobi
Solarworks East Africa Solar fridges Solar water purifiers Solar water pumping 0712 070760 Nairobi
Solargen Technologies Ltd Solar irrigation Solar power mini-grid Solar water treatment Solar cold-chain 0748 707766/ 0794 264446 Nairobi
EOS Solar Solar PV electricity Solar heating Solar backup 0710 367763 Nairobi
SunTransfer Kenya Msolar Endless Mini PC Fishing Lamp-Omena C300 Solar water heating system / 0714 921999/0732 921999 Nairobi

List of Solar Companies in Kenya

1. Kenya Solar Energy Ltd

Kenya Solar Energy Limited in Nairobi is a recognized company that invests in renewable energy. The solar energy provider supplies solar products for residential and commercial use. Also, you can get high-quality solar panels and portable solar from KENSEN.

Due to the increased demand for energy across the country, the solar company is working on a solar project at Witu in Lamu County. It aims to generate 40 MW of renewable energy from the plant.

2. PowerPoint System Solar Company

It is a solar company that designs, supplies, and installs solar batteries across Kenya and East Africa. The company sources its products from international brands like Yuasa, Gaston, Hoppecke, and Surrette.

PowerPoint also does maintenance practices of solar electric systems and solar water heating systems. You can purchase solar products like PV modules, inverters, solar fridges, and batteries from PowerPoint online shop or visit them in Nairobi.

3. Go Solar Systems Ltd

Go Solar Systems Ltd in Nairobi was established in 2003. Over the years, the company has done over 300 successful commercial and residential installations. The company has got you if you want a business, home, grid-tied, or total off-grid solar connection.

The solar company has partnered with Trojan, Canadian Solar, Victron Energy, and SMA for quality services and product delivery. Go Solar Ltd offers solar hybrids, solar water pumps, solar water heaters, and solar LED solutions. Also, you can enjoy their quality products like inverters, solar panels, and charge controllers.

4. Trusun Solar Company Ltd

Trusun is a solar energy provider that engages in designing, developing, selling, installing, and maintaining renewable energy products. When it comes to home solar solutions, Trusun Ltd’s staffs never disappoint. The company does solar water heating services in the residential sector to allow you to enjoy your bath.

Besides, if you wish to have a solar water pumping system for commercial or home use, you can have it from Trusun. The solar company works with recognized partners like Suntech, Lorentz, Ritar, Southwest WindPower, and Opti-Solar.

5. Suntech Power Ltd

It is one of the best solar companies in Kenya. Besides, the solar company is registered by the Energy Regulatory Commission. It supplies and distributes solar and other related equipment across the East African region. The company has served more than 250 happy clients in Kenya and beyond. Some of them are Zetech University, NHIF Group, Rift Valley Academy, and AA Lodges.

Besides, the solar company offers a wide range of solar solutions and products. You can access services in solar street lighting, solar power & lighting, solar water heating system, and grid-tie & hybrid solar.

6. Harmonic Systems Solar Company Ltd

The solar company was established with the mission of increasing renewable energy use across East Africa.  Harmonic aims to offer information, products, and services to clients that embrace green energy. Since its establishment, the company has completed over 80 projects through its seven East African countries’ work sites.

As one of the solar companies in Nairobi, Harmonic Systems Ltd has served Kenyan clients well. It has offered them projects in grid-tie PV, off-grid PV, solar water pumping, and PV diesel hybrid.

7. Solarworks East Africa

Solarworks East Africa is a solar company since 2009. It follows the right procedure in all its solar projects. First, the company offers solar home systems services across Kenya. Also, you can get power backup services, solar street lights, and solar water pumps.

Besides, the solar company has done over 500 projects since its operation. Whether you want solar service for home use or commercial purposes, you can reach out to the company. Their offices are located in Nairobi.

8. Solargen Technologies Ltd

Through solar installation, the company sees underserved African communities access affordable, clean, and sustainable energy. The solar company has installed more than 5 MW solar capacity. For quality services, Solargen partners with Victron energy, Ritar, Sunlight, and Suntech companies.

Solargen has done several projects in East Africa, like Kismayo Solar Mini-Grid. The project provides power to 110 families, a police station, marketplace, school, and a clinic. Finally, the solar company offers solar cold chain solutions to help farmers preserve their farm produce.

9. EOS Solar Company

EOS Company offers commercial, residential, and industrial solar services. Also, the solar company sells solar PV electricity, backup, and heating. You can save up to 60% of your electricity bill through EOS professional solar installation.

The solar company has between 11-50 employees who have efficient skills that require any solar installation service. You can visit their headquarters in Nairobi for any inquiries concerning solar energy.

10. SunTransfer Kenya           

SunTransfer is a leading company in the installation of sun power solar panels in Kenya. STKE has a vision of helping over 6 million households in Kenya access quality and affordable solar energy.

The solar company has several solar centres across Kenya. This includes Nairobi, Kitui, Bumala, Migori, Machakos, Suswa, Ahero, among other regions. 

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