Top 10 Instagram Comedians in Kenya


A few years ago, no one would have predicted the future of social media and its capability. Today, almost every industry is leveraging social media platforms as a growth strategy. Well, the Kenyan comedy industry has not been left behind. We have seen a rise in Instagram comedians who are helping brands build a name.

Were it not for social media; probably the comedy industry would not be a big thing as is the case today. Today, forget about the old days when one had to make long queues to get an opportunity for stage performance. 

Most comedians prefer using Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Tik Tok to brighten your day. These comedians continue to earn a name in the industry without necessarily performing on major shows such as Churchill Show.

We have rounded up a list of the best Kenyan comedians using Instagram to keep you entertained. Grab your coffee, relax, and enjoy their content.    

The Best Instagram Comedians in Kenya

Comedian  Real Name Type of content
Flaqo 11 Erastus Ayieko Otieno Kenyan typical household
Tales Of Crazy Kennar Kennar Vines
Desagu Ithagu kibicho Adding humor to real-life situations
Njugush Timothy Kimani Adding humor to real-life situations
Mama Kingstone Brendah Jones Mirrors Kenyan mums
Ujinga za Victor Naman Victor Naaman Adding humor to real-life situations
Jaymo ule msee Wilson Muirania Gathoni Adding humor to real-life situations
Natalie Githinji Natalie Githinji Presenting high school life experience in a comical manner
Kartelo Nick Chege Talks about ghetto life
Chebet Ronoh Chebet Ronoh   Talking about her life experience from a comedy perspective
List of Instagram Comedians in Kenya

1. Faqo411


If you are looking for a perfect definition of the word talent, then Erastus Ayieko Otieno alias Flaqo11 is the perfect definition. He is super talented and has brought a revolution in the comedy industry. Born and raised in Kisumu, Flaqo 11 is a singer, dancer, comedian, and scriptwriter.

His skits mostly revolve around everything that happens in a typical Kenyan homestead. For that reason, it is easy to associate his videos with your day-to-day life.

Flaqo 11 can act more than one character in the same video. How he does his videos is unique, making him stand out in the comedy world.  He updates his skits on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

2. Tales Of Crazy Kennar

Despite his comical side, Crazy Kennar is an actuarial student at JKUAT. Well, his form of comedy is unique and outstanding. This is because he creates vines and parody videos that are unique and funny. He was among the first comedians to venture into this kind of comedy.

You can watch one of their best-made skits here on YouTube. He regularly updates funny videos on his Instagram platform, and you can keep on checking for more. 

3. Desagu

Ithagu Kibicho, alias Prince of Mwihoko or Desagu, is a popular online comedian in Kenya who has earned himself a place in the world of online comedy. Desagu sprang into the limelight when his name was synonymous with calling out sponsors and advocating for team mafisi rights. You know about team mafisi, right?

He has mastered the art of keeping himself abreast with everything trending around the country. This makes his funny videos relatable to every Kenyan. You can find all of his funny videos on his Instagram account. Do not forget to follow, like, and leave a  comment.

4. Njugush

Njugush is a famous comedian who started his comedy way back in the days when he was an actor in the Real Househelps of Kawangware. After leaving the show, he concentrated on crafting short online videos for public consumption. 

You might not know that Njugush uses this funny video as a form of advertisement. After making you laugh, you realize that Njugush is advertising a certain commodity or service. Turn your dull moments into brighter ones by watching Njugush skits on his Instagram account.

We can’t talk about Njugush without mentioning Wakavinye. She is a co-actor to Njugush. Apart from that, they are a couple. What a home!

5. Mama Kingstone

Brenda Jones is popularly known for her phrase Plezident Kingstone. This emerged after she released a short video showing how typical Africans react when their children wake up late. In most of her videos, Brendah jones tries to mirror African mothers on how they respond to different situations that confront them. 

Brenda Jones has seen it all while growing up.  She faced sexual abuse from people close to her. However, this has never derailed her from doing what she knows best. In 2019, she was among the Groove Awards nominees under the Online/Digital Personality of The Year category. Her future is quite promising and luminous. You can watch her videos on her Instagram account.

6. Ujinga za Victor Naman

Victor is one person who represents the daily problems we face comically. He truly reflects what hard work and determination can do to you. Victor began comedy while still at lower primary school.

With Nostalgia, Victor recalls when he got into trouble with the deputy principal for mimicking him. Today, Victor has earned himself a spot in the online comedy world and regularly updates videos to keep you entertained. Check out his Instagram profile here. He mostly acts along Nyaboke.

7. Jaymo Yule Msee

After graduating from the University of Nairobi with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Economics, no one knew he would venture into the comedy world. He resigned after his first job as a relationship manager in a leading bank to pursue other interests.

To him, he felt unchallenged by his role in the bank. He began crafting short skits that tell stories that resonate with most Kenyans.  His videos are funny, and you end up looking for more.  Watch them on his Instagram account.

8. Natalie Githinji

Natalie Githinji uses comedy to help you flashback to everything that used to happen in high school. Most of her skits revolve around how students interact in high school and adding humor to it. Everyone who went to high school can relate to her skits. 

Today, her Instagram account has swelled to 118k followers.  Other than comedy, Natalie Githinji is an NRG radio presenter.

9. Kartelo

Kartelo is an online comedian who has earned a place in the comedy world. He sprang into the limelight with his new ghetto sheng. The way he introduces himself, you need no more affirmation that Kartelo is headed to greatness. 

He presents the Ghetto way of life comically. He continues to upload funny Instagram comedy videos on his Instagram account. Today other than being a comedian, Kartelo is a cohost in the Chipukezzy show and a radio presenter at Milele Fm.

10. Chebet Ronoh

She may be new to the world of online comedy, but for a fact, Chebet Ronoh is making strong moves in the comedy scene.  Ronoh crafts short videos that will surely leave you in stitches. How all this began is quite interesting. It all started when an old man approached her to request a relationship with her.

Disappointed and rattled, Chebet Ronoh took her anger and frustration to her social media platforms. People felt that the skit was funny. It never stopped there. She continued to express her different life experiences comically. You can get more of her Instagram comedy skits on her Instagram.

Online comedians are there to brighten our dull days. Give them morale and psyche by watching their funny skits during your free time. Leave a comment to encourage them, and don’t forget to follow them. 

Wondering about the secret to Instagram comedy? Well, the comedians we have listed are there to unravel that secret. How to start Instagram comedy is simple and easy as long as you have the passion. You can have a look at the apps you can use to loop your videos.

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