The Best Music Schools in Kenya


According to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, “Music is the universal language of mankind.”  Music has the power to do what words can’t do. It soothes the soul and brings healing to many. However, it takes time to compose a single song. Artists take their time to have their talents and skills sharpened in different music schools.

In Kenya, most people listen to religious songs, according to a survey conducted by GeoPoll in 2019. Also, about 43.6% of Kenyans listen to local music, while 56.4% listen to international music. Even though local music faces stiff competition, Kenya is birthing singers daily.

Top Music Schools in Kenya

Music School Training sessions and other services Contact information Location
Wynton House of Music Guitar Saxophone Drums Voice Hiring and repair of instruments Audio digital recording

0736 298 719

0715 188 148

Yaya Centre (3rd floor) Nairobi.
Kamata School of Music Music production & sound engineering Drum lessons Video and photograph lessons Voice coaching DJ Services

0700 070 707

0722 137 784

Nairobi CBD Ruaka
Fine Tune School of Music Video production Music audio production Violin lessons Piano lessons Dance lessons 0799 001 825     Kiambu
Sonata School of Music Music theory Vocals Guitar Cello violin

0799 400 803


Westlands, Nairobi
Goshom Music School Vocals training Guitar operation training Saxophone training DJ course

0717 169 321

0736 535 226  

Music-Inn International School of Music Nairobi Guitar lessons Drums lessons Music production Vocal

0727 080 448  

Westlands, Nairobi
Wates Music Academy & Live Recording Studio Piano/Keyboard Bass Brass and wind Voice Music production

0720 264 722

0724 233 865  

Athi River, Kenya
Kenya Conservatoire of Music Bowed string instruments Singing Brass instruments Music theory

0720 962 288

0737 227 903

Kenya Culture Centre, Nairobi South B
Hikari School of Music The instrument, theory, and music production lessons Recording services Music shop International music tours 0735 606 676 Nakuru
5-Star Nairobi Music School Studio lessons Deejay/Veejay Guitar Piano Audio and video production 0722 831 647 Nairobi

List of Music Schools in Kenya 

1. Wynton House of Music

Wynton House of Music is a leading music school that offers fully-packed music education. It trains in guitar, piano, drums, trumpet, and ukulele. Also, the school provides music and music production lessons.

If you want training as an individual, institution, or group, Wynton does it professionally. When it comes to registration, preparing, and exam hosting, the institution works with recognized bodies like the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM).

2. Kamata Music School 

Kamata School of Music is one of the best music schools in Nairobi and surrounding areas. You can get training in piano, TV and film production, voice coaching, and violin. Besides, the music school has produced some of the best musicians in Kenya.

Kamata has tutors with a wealth of experience in the music industry. Whether you are a first-timer in the industry or have skills that require sharpening, the tutors will take you through. Lastly, the music school offers programs depending on your availability to allow you to go on with your daily activities.

3. Fine Tune Music School 

Fine Tune School of Music is a premier music school based in Kiambu town. It natures the talents of upcoming artists by providing music training sessions.

The music school trains in music audio production. The training allows you to produce the best sound that people will like. Also, you can get voice coaching, saxophone, guitar, and video production lessons. 

4. Sonata Music School 

Since 2003, Sonata School of Music has offered music training from its offices in Westlands, Kenya. The school is internationally certified by The Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music. It provides both individual and group lessons at an affordable price.

Sonata allows you to learn various musical instruments like guitar, violin, flute, and saxophone. Also, you can get music and music production theory lessons from the school. Finally, the music school is open from Monday to Sunday; therefore, you can visit them to enroll in music lessons.

5. Goshom Music School       

It is a music school that offers musical training in a serene environment where students enjoy their stay. Also, the school has the best and experienced professional trainers who take you through music lessons.

As one of the best music production schools in Nairobi, Kenya, Goshom has nurtured many talents. Whether in the gospel or secular music industry, you can get instruction lessons from the music school.

6. Music-Inn International School of Music Nairobi

Music-Inn International School of Music is at the heartbeats of Nairobi. It aims to train the upcoming generation of musicians to bridge the gap in music demand in Kenya. Students who have gone through the hands of Music-Inn professionals can testify of their commitment to music training.

When it comes to guitar training, the music school coaches students on different guitar playing styles like contemporary and classical styles. Also, their drum lessons are vast. They allow you to play in different environments like a church service, concert, or music production.

7. Wates Music Academy & Live Recording Studio

Wates Music School offers training at low prices and below the prevailing market price. Also, its training sessions are practical, comprehensive, and well researched to produce a fully-baked musician.

The music school has enough teaching staff who are qualified and committed to meet the students’ expectations. The professionals do training in the bass, guitar, keyboard, brass and wind, voice, and music production. Also, if you want home music lessons, you can arrange them with their ever-ready tutors.

8. Kenya Conservatoire of Music

Are you looking for sound engineering courses in Kenya? Here is the solution. 

Kenya Conservatoire of Music promotes the training and performance of quality music of all kinds in Kenya through students who enroll in their programs. The school has 35 qualified professionals. They not only train the students but also help them to overcome challenges in the music industry.

In a year, the music school trains about 400 students and, 1800 candidates enroll for international exams. The Conservatoire is the Kenyan representative of the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM).

9. Hikari Music School

Hikari School of Music is located in Nakuru. Kenyans trust it in offering instrument, theory, and music production lessons. Besides, it provides recording services, photography, and video lessons. They also have a music shop.

If you want to gain skills and knowledge in instrument repair and printing of music sheets, you can join Hikari. The music school also offers online and home sessions at an affordable price.

10. 5-Star Nairobi Music School

It is a modern music school in Nairobi, Kenya, with quality facilities and personnel for music training. The Nairobi Music School has flexible classes that suit each student’s needs. Once you enroll in your lessons, the music school assigns you a tutor. You can arrange a suitable timetable and teaching mode with your lecturer.

Besides music training, the school offers audio production, video production, public address systems, and live band entertainment services. You can visit their offices from Monday to Saturday. 


 How much does it cost to learn music in Kenya?

The cost of learning music in Kenya depends on the school and the type of lesson you choose. It can range from Ksh5,000-KSH20,000 per instrument. If you want to do more than a single instrument, it can cheaper.

What is the best school for music production in Kenya?

According to reviews, Kamata Music School is the best music production school in Kenya. It offers quality music production services and other related services such as audio production, video production, public address systems, DJ, photography, and graphic design.

Where can I learn music in Kenya?

Music lessons are available in many schools and institutions in Kenya. Some of the best music schools include Music-Inn, Wates Music Academy, Kenya Conservatoire of Music, Hikari Music School, and 5 Star Nairobi Music School.

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