The Best National Secondary Schools in Kenya


Currently, Kenya has over 100 national schools. The schools are not only ranked as the most prestigious learning institutions but also the top performing. Every child works hard in primary school to sit KCPE exams with the hope of securing a slot in a national school. Understandably because, secondary education lays the foundation of one’s future.

Each parent tries to make ends meet to offer their children the best secondary education. By joining a national school, respect and honor follow you in the society. You are considered as a role model to the others and the creme de la creme in the society. Apart from that, the secondary schools dominate the top 100 list.

Top 10 National Schools in Kenya

School2019 mean scoreLocationPopular games
Alliance Girls’ High School9.92Kikuyu, Kiambu countyNetball Table tennis
Nairobi School9.55Westland’s, NairobiRugby Handball
Nakuru Girls’ High School9.52Nakuru -Nairobi highway, adjacent to Naivas supercenterBasketball Football
Kapsabet High School10.11Eldoret – Chavakali RoadFootball Hockey
Maseno School9.09Maseno, Kisumu-Busia RoadSoccer hockey
Kenya High10.467Kileleshwa, NairobiBadminton Football
Alliance High School10.01Kikuyu, Kiambu countyFootball Basketball
Marryhill Girls’ High School9.92Thika -Gatukuyu Road, ThikaSwimming volleyball
Mang’u High School9.86Nairobi – Thika highwayRugby
Pangani Girls’ High School9.56Juja Road, Nairobi CountyHockey Netball
List of the Best National Schools in Kenya

1. Alliance Girls’ High School

Walk in the light is the school’s motto. Alliance Girls’ High School was founded in 1948 as African Girls’ High School. It is one of the best national girls’ high school located in Kiambu county. The school has consistently produced exemplary results each year.

It emerged as the best national school in 2018. The school has infrastructure facilities each child would wish to have in a learning environment. The classes, dormitory, dinning hall and swimming pool are just on another level for a public school.

2. Nairobi School

It is one of the best national schools in Nairobi county. The school was established by British settlers who resided in Nairobi during the construction of Kenya- Uganda railway. Nairobi School enrolls boys between the age of 12-19 years from all over the country.

The school has produced some important people in our country such as Musalia Mudavadi, the former vice president. The students have an opportunity to engage in extra- curriculum activities such as sports and clubs.

3. Nakuru Girls’ High School

Nakuru Girls’ High School is currently ranked as the best national school in Nakuru county after impressive results year in year out. In 2019 the school managed a mean score of 9.52, a tremendous improvement from 2018, where the mean score was 8.0.

The school showed a solid proof to keep the star shinning and claim the lost glory. During the results’ celebration, the principal assured both the parents and the girls that the performance will keep rising. The mean score target for 2020 KCSE is 10.5.

4. Kapsabet High School

This is one of the best boys’ national schools in Kenya. It was ranked second in last year’s KCSE results. The school was started in 1925 and over the years it has always been among the top 10 best national schools.

Having a glance at the results, the school has gradually lived its Motto- “strive to excel”. The school boasts admission of its students to the best universities in the world. Most students also qualify for admission in public universities in Kenya.

5. Maseno School

Maseno School is one of the oldest formal education schools in Kenya. The school was established in 1906 by missionaries as a school for the children of African Chiefs. It is built at the scenic view of Mabungo hills. The trees planted by the students over the years adds to its beauty.  

In 2019, the school produced the best student in Nyanza region who also ranked fourth nationally. The late, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Kenya’s first Vice President is an alumnus of Maseno School.

6. Kenya High

The school was formerly known as Kenya European Girls’ High School. It changed the name after independence in 1963. Being the best national girls’ school in Kenya, Kenya High is highly esteemed and is a dream-school for most girls.

The school had stellar performance in last year’s KCSE exam with three of the students appearing among the top 10 nationwide. The school has been renovated with modern facilities such a swimming pool.

7. Alliance High School

The school is popularly known as “Bush”. It is one of the best performing schools in Kenya. Alliance High School was the first school in Kenya to offer secondary education to Africans.

The school usually participate in the national sports festivals in games such as hockey, basketball and football. The students also have the privilege to participate in various clubs; The Band, Golf Club, Chess Club and Research Club to exercise their talents.

8. Marryhill Girls’ High School

This is a public girls’ boarding school in Kiambu county.  It is an eight-streamed school offering 17 subjects in the 8-4-4 curriculum. This is inclusive of foreign languages such as French and Germany.

With the school’s Motto- Toil for Excellence, the school has kept its legacy in performance. Maryhill emerged sixth nationally in the 2019 KCSE result. the principal accredited the success to team work, discipline and hard work among the students.

9. Mang’u High School

Mang’u High School is a Kenyan Roman Catholic boys’ national school in Kiambu County. The school is well known for hosting the Moi National Mathematics Contest where all high schools in Kenya gather.

It also hosts Science Congress and Aviation Symposium annually. It embraces new technology as it was the first school in Kenya to introduce Aviation Technology as an examinable subject.

10. Pangani Girls’ High School

It is one of the most prestigious girls’ secondary school in Kenya. The school has produced the top students in KCSE exams over the years. Both in 2017 and 2018, Pangani Girls’ produced the best student in Kenya.

The school has a mentorship program where girls get an opportunity of life skills guidance and inspirational talks. There is also a sponsorship program for needy girls.

Education has improved in Kenya has improved over the years. Introduction of free and universal primary education by Mwai Kibaki has helped many children. Children from less privileged families have fought to join national schools in Kenya. Through this, equality in some part is achieved.

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