The Best Cleaning Companies in Kenya


Cleaning services is an emerging business in Kenya. People have carpets, sofas, and other items requiring thorough cleaning after some time. As a result, cleaning companies are rising to satisfy this need among Kenyans. The companies charge their services depending on the amount of workload. 

Also, most people have embraced the proverb that cleanliness is second to godliness. They want to live in a clean environment free from dirt and dust. As a result, they schedule a general cleaning of their houses and offices after a period.

Cleaning Companies in Kenya

Cleaning Companies Cleaning Services Contact Location
Jeroge Cleaning Services & Pest Control  Sofaset 
Car Interior 
Pest Control 
Post Construction Services


Nairobi CBD, Development House 2nd Floor
Parapet Cleaning Service Swimming pool cleaning Detailed car cleaning Fumigation and pest control Executive office cleaning Façade cleaning Floor sanding and varnishing Home spring cleaning

020 600 6065

0 600 7664

0722 848277

0788 888748 0788 888746 0788 888716

Nairobi     Mombasa   Kisumu
GM Cleaning Services Office cleaning Sanitary bin management Post-construction cleaning Window cleaning Pest control Garbage collection Carpets and sofas cleaning

0721 979781

0731 593377

Conpest Cleaning Service House cleaning Carpet and sofa set cleaning Mattress cleaning Post-construction cleaning Wooden floor sanding and polishing Events and After party cleaning

0704 120129

Mop & Shine Cleaning Services Office cleaning Gardening and landscaping Equipment hiring Home cleaning Pest control

0722 675801

0733 675801

Pangani, Nairobi
Titossy Cleaning Service Executive office cleaning Residential apartment cleaning Carpet and upholstery Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance Gardening and landscaping

0790 525295

Mombasa Rd, Nairobi
Onus Cleaning Solutions

Office cleaning

Residential cleaning

0734 414424

Westlands, Nairobi
Blissful Cleaning Services Dining set cleaning Interior car cleaning Curtain cleaning Professional mattress cleaning

0722 42734

0733 427341

South C, Nairobi
PinPoint Hygiene Service Ltd Floor sanding Mobile toilet Pest control Incineration Deep cleaning

0720 057773

0721 457488

0733 455555

0733 861156

Westlands, Nairobi
Avail Cleaning Services Pre and post-party cleaning Housekeeping Pest control Dining and restroom seat cleaning Landscaping and gardening


Southgate Centre, South B, Mukoma Rd
List of Cleaning Companies in Kenya

1. Jeroge Cleaning Services

Jeroge is one of the leading cleaning service companies in Nairobi CBD, Kenya. The company has a committed and professional team. The company has offices in Nairobi CBD, but they deliver countrywide services.

The cleaning company specializes in sofa sets, carpets, mattresses, offices, houses, car interiors, post-construction, and post-event cleaning services. Jeroge Cleaning Company also offers pest control and fumigation services. 

2. Parapet Cleaning Services

It is a cleaning company that offers tailor-made services. It provides both domestic and commercial cleaning services to clients. Parapet has been in the industry for over 18 years. Also, they have served more than 10,000 clients.

Most clients have credited Parapet for offering the best cleaning services in Nairobi and beyond. Through its 4,500 employees, the company has ventured into Uganda and Rwanda.

3. GM Cleaning Services

GM Cleaning Services is a registered company that offers commercial and residential cleaning services. As one of the cleaning companies in Nairobi, you can access their services at an affordable price. The company has satisfied the cleaning needs of various clients since 2010.

GM Cleaning Services provides garbage collection, office cleaning, window cleaning, and sofa & carpet cleaning services. Also, they offer sanitary bins management and post-construction cleaning services. Finally, the company uses eco-friendly products in its service provision.

4. Conpest Cleaning Services

Conpest offers a full range of cleaning services in Kenya. The company has provided commercial and domestic services for more than ten years. They also offer pest control services. Employees from Conpest take pride in customer satisfaction.

If you want 100% quality office cleaning services in Nairobi, Conpest has got your back. Also, cleaning services for a medium-size carpet go for Ksh. 2000 while the large size one costs Ksh. 2500. For sofas, a 7-seater cleaning service charge is Ksh. 4000 while that of a 5-seater is Ksh. 3500.

5. Mop & Shine Cleaning Services

It is a professional cleaning company located near Pangani Police Station in Nairobi. Mop & Shine Company is a Kenya Professional Cleaners Association (KPCA) member. Besides, it has committed and well-trained personnel who leave a smile on your face.

You can book your cleaning service with Mop & Shine online. You can be assured of quality services because the firm has offered services for more than ten years.

6. Titossy Cleaning Services

Titossy is on the list of cleaning companies in Nairobi. The firm offers cleaning services on a contract or one-day basis. Besides, it delivers a professionally cleaned office, home, swimming pool, event, carpet, and sofa set.

The cleaning company serves all industries like NGOs, banks, law firms, shopping malls, colleges, churches, and commercial buildings. You can get a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning schedule from Titossy based on your needs.

7. Onus Cleaning Services

It is a Kenyan-owned professional cleaning company. Onus offers professional cleaning services ranging from office, carpet, floors, and other personalized services.

Therefore if you require home, commercial, or industrial cleaning services, you can reach out to Onus Cleaning Services.

8. Blissful Cleaning Services

Blissful Cleaning Services serves Nairobi and nearby areas with full cleaning services. The cleaning company specializes in commercial building and residential cleaning services.

Clients who have tasted their services include Keroche, Baraka FM, Polycare, and Mukele Mony & Company Advocates. Finally, you can enjoy a peaceful sleep through Blissful mattress cleaning services.

9. PinPoint Hygiene Service Ltd

PinPoint is one of the cleaning companies in Westlands, Nairobi. The company has experts in sanitary bins, pest control, and cleaning teams. As a result, they deliver quality and satisfying work.

At PinPoint, you can get cleaning products, mobile toilets, carpet cleaning, and floor sanding. If you want deep cleaning services in your commercial or residential place, the cleaning company offers the best. Finally, PinPoint offers incineration services at an affordable cost.

10. Avail Cleaning Services   

Avail is a cleaning company in Nairobi established in 1998. The company offers both commercial and residential cleaning. Also, you can get garbage collection, pest control, and landscaping services at Avail.

If you want to work in a clean environment, Avail Cleaning Services is the best. The cleaning company offers extraordinary, reliable, trustworthy, and professional cleaning experience. Finally, the company makes people alert to the available jobs in the cleaning company in Kenya.

Cleaning Companies in Kenya FAQs

Q: How much does a cleaning company charge per hour?

A: The average rate per hour is Ksh. 400. However, the charges may go up depending on the time, location, and specific requirements.

Q: What is included in cleaning services?

A: Cleaning from top to bottom for commercial and residential buildings includes deep and regular cleaning. Furthermore, a cleaning company may offer additional duties such as washing windows, dusting furniture, mopping, polishing floors, and taking out the garbage.

Q: Are there different kinds of cleaning companies?

A: Yes! There are different types of cleaning services in Nairobi. The main ones are general cleaning, weekly/daily services, dirty work (spring cleaning), monthly or bi-weekly service, end-of-tenancy services, and special occasions like events.

Q: How do I find a good cleaning company?

A: To find a reliable and established cleaning company in Nairobi, you can visit some websites or talk to your friends and family. Also, check the customer’s reviews at Google Maps and Facebook Reviews. Finally, you can ask the cleaning company for their details before deciding.

Q: Are there any specific factors to consider when hiring a good cleaning company?

A: Yes, there are six main factors to look for in a reputable cleaning company. They include quality of services offered, qualifications and experience of the staff, insurance coverage, payment terms, accessibility, and customer following.

Q: How often should I hire a cleaner?

A: It depends on various factors, such as the state of your place of living or workplace. If you have pets, then you may need regular cleaning services. Also, if you are busy with other duties, work or study, daily cleaning services may be the best.

Q: What kind of machinery and equipment should a cleaning company use?

A: The professional cleaners should use high-quality and efficient machines like vacuum cleaners, floor buffers, upholstery cleaners, and steam mops. Also, they should carry chemicals for pest control and other duties such as spraying disinfectants at the site after cleaning.

Q: How long does it take to clean a building?

A: It takes an hour or up to eight hours, depending on your place’s type of work and size. However, it will depend on whether you are getting general cleaning, weekly services, deep cleaning, spring cleaning, monthly services, end-of-tenancy services, or special occasions.

Q: What are the typical costs of hiring a good cleaning company?

A: The charges of a reliable and established cleaning company in Nairobi range from Ksh. 10,000 to Ksh. 30,000 per month depending on specialization and location. The average cost is Ksh. 20,000 per month with cleaning services daily.

Q: What are the benefits of using professional cleaning companies?

A: Professional cleaners use high-quality equipment and machines to clean your place in less time. Also, they use advanced cleaning techniques for better results. Furthermore, you can get specific services depending on your needs.

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