The Best Home Builders and Constructors in Kenya


Building your home is one of the processes that require careful planning. You must search for the best home builders and constructors and settle with one. This is because the results of your building project will depend on the company you choose.

The homebuilder and constructor will help you choose the appropriate design and materials to use. Besides, you have to agree on the cost of the whole project from design to completion. To have a beautiful home or commercial house, you can work with the following home builders and constructors in Kenya.

The Best Home Builders in Kenya

Home builders and constructors Services Contacts Location
Shinen Limited Residential construction

Commercial Construction Mai Mahiu Rd, Nairobi
UjenziBora Designing, costing, and building

+254 720 578632

House of Sacrinos, Kiambu
Kachmega Builders & Contractors Ltd Architectural Designing


+254 720 467215

EPCO Builders Ltd Industrial building

+254 734 000064/ +254 734 705450

Ricky Rd, Nairobi
Rax Company Ltd Design and build

+254 724 809761

Rehema House, Nairobi
Douglas Projects Construction of single and multi-story buildings

+254 704 544803/ +254 711 630689

Kilimani Kunde Rd, Nairobi
Jongonga Contractors Housing development

Wall master

Interior design

+254 711 796374

Uhuru Estate, Nairobi
Lewison Builders & Constructors Ltd Architectural design, plan approval, and construction

+254 717 944017

Mahiga Mairu Avenue, Off Waiyaki Way, Westlands, Nairobi
H.K. Builders & General Contractors Commercial and residential works

+254 20 2212473

The Mirage Tower 3, Nairobi
Eco-Home Limited Prefabricated houses

Standard houses


+254 20 3591988/ +254 20 3535709

Muthaiga North Parkside Estate, Nairobi

List of Home Builders and Constructors

1. Shinen Limited 

It is a home builder and constructor founded in 1992. It deals with general building construction, kitchen renovations, and plumbing work.  The company is registered by the State Department of Public Works, National Construction Authority, and Kenya Federation of Master Builders.

Shinen helps in building cheap houses in Kenya. You can contact them for your residential or commercial construction needs. In the commercial sector, the home builder and constructor does warehouses, malls, banks, and more.

2. UjenziBora Home Builder and Constructor 

UjenziBora is one of the best house construction companies in Kenya. It is registered in the country as NCA 5 building contractor. The company designs for you your dream house and builds it at an affordable price.

The homebuilder and constructor has completed projects in Tuala, Gatundu, and Karen. Besides, UjenziBora has upcoming contracts in Kiamumbi and Sunvalley in Kenya. You can choose from the variety of designs they have for your commercial or residential project.

3. Kachmega Builders & Contractors Ltd

Kachmega Builders Ltd manages all the construction processes from inception to completion. You can relax since they control the project, design your dream house, and construct it as agreed at a friendly cost.

The company’s constructors are well-trained and pursue their work with professionalism.  The homebuilder and constructor charge a 4-bedroom house construction between 6-8 million depending on the finishing and location.

4. EPCO Home Builders and Constructors Ltd

The homebuilder and constructor began operating in Kenya in 1978 and was established by Mr. Ramji D. Varsani. Besides, the National Construction Authority has registered it under category NCA 1. It is located in its building in Industrial Area.

If you are looking for house constructors in Nairobi, EPCO has got you. The company has worked for Bamburi Cement, Fairmont Hotels, DHL International Kenya Ltd, African Inland Mission, and Barclays Bank of Kenya Ltd.

5. Rax Company Ltd

It is a construction company that offers design-build contracts. The company designs, purchases materials, and constructs the type of house you need. The construction process goes into phase. This means that once you approve the design, the home builder and contractor construct the foundation. Once it is finished, you approve, pay, and then they proceed.

Rax Company also constructs secure and durable water structures for your tanks. You can visit their offices at Rehema House in Nairobi. Besides, you can contact Rax for an excellent deal if you are outside the country and want a holiday house in Kenya.

6. Douglas Projects

Douglas Projects Ltd is one of the builders in Kenya registered by the National Construction Authority. It works in the building, plumbing, and installation sector. All the experts at Douglas Company work with integrity, quality, and experience.

Some of its latest projects include constructing two university buildings near Ngong, the BRCK office, Gilgil Private Bridge, and cottage and classrooms at Aberdares’ base. The homebuilder and constructor has won the European-based Macael Awards for one of its Nairobi homes.

7. Jongonga Contractors

Jongonga Contracts Ltd has experience in house development, interior design, painting and coating, drainage, interior decoration, and concrete. The homebuilder and constructor has been in the industry for ten years; therefore, you can trust them for your building project.

Some of Jongonga’s projects include the Chai Estate along Kenyatta Road, Dam Estate along Langata Road, and remodeling of an existing house in Runda. If you are looking for contractors in Kenya, you can visit the Jongonga office along Labai Road, Victoria House in Nairobi.

8. Lewison Builders & Constructors Ltd

It is a company that provides complete construction solutions. Besides, it deals with architectural design, plan approval, and all the construction processes. Most of their contracts are design and build projects to ensure you get the home you want.

During the projects, the home builder and constructor ensures it sources quality materials. It upholds integrity and provides what you agreed on in the contract. Sign up for your next building project with Lewison Builders & Constructors Ltd.

9. H.K. Home Builders and Contractors

It is a home builder and constructor that provides low-end residential projects that meet your budget. Besides, the company does high-end commercial construction and civil engineering projects.

H.K. Builders and Contractors have completed projects such as Townhouses construction on Hatheru Road, Thomson Estate, and 8 Townhouses in Kileleshwa.

10. Eco-Homes Limited

Eco-home is on the list of building contractors in Kenya. The company deals with the construction of prefabricated houses. Besides, it uses reinforced concrete to build and takes 12 weeks to finish the construction.

The homebuilder and constructor charge Ksh. 27,000 per square metres for locations within Nairobi. You can visit their office from Monday to Friday between 8.00 am to 4.30 pm and on Saturdays from 8.00 am to 12 noon.

FAQs on the Best Home Builders and Constructors in Kenya

How much does it cost to build a 5-bedroom house in Kenya?

Many factors affect the cost of building a house in Kenya, including building materials and the land’s topography. Most home builders and constructors charge about Ksh. 35,000 per square metre for a modest house and Ksh. 65,000 per square metre for a luxurious house. A 5-bedroom house is about 169 square metres. In total, it will cost you 10.9 million in Kenya.

How do I find the best home builder for my house?

There are different ways you can find the best builder for your house. You can get them through;

  • Referrals by friends
  • Online platforms such as the Federation of Master Builders
  • Local search through the homebuilders’ billboards in your area.
  • Your architect

How much do home builders and constructors earn in Kenya?

The salaries of people working in Kenya’s construction and building industry are Ksh. 86,400 per month on average.  At the beginning of your career, you can make about Ksh. 37,100, but as you grow in the industry, you can earn as much as Ksh. 251,000 per month.

Is it cheaper to build or buy a house in Kenya?        

According to Integrum, a leading construction management firm in Kenya, building a house in Kenya costs Ksh. 32,500 to Ksh. 70,000 per square metre. While on the other side, when you want to buy a home, there are several expenses included, such as purchase price, taxes, utilities, furnishing, maintenance, and repair.

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